Friday 20 May 2016

How do you bring Najib Razak to his knees? How do you make Umno see the error of their ways? How do you get the Malaysia that we once had, back on to an even keel?

In May 1945, General Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe, demanded the complete surrender of all German forces. If that demand was not met, Eisenhower was prepared to seal off the Western front and leave the Germans at the mercy of the Soviet Red Army - A Red Army where drunken soldiers without discipline and armed with machine guns were determined to take revenge upon the Germans who had imposed upon their Motherland and its people so much sufferings! Faced with that ultimatum of having to face a Red Army notorious for their extreme brutality and inhumanity, the German High Command surrendered.

Japan surrendered in the Second World War after America brought them down to their knees with the dropping of the Atomic Bomb at Nagasaki and Hiroshima resulting in the death of over 200,000 people in August 1945.

Marcos, The Shah of Iran, Idi Amin, Ceausescu, Suharto, Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi were all removed from office by forces that overwhelmed them and left them with no choice but capitulate to....and in the process, some have met with death.   
These are the kind of language that despots, dictators and political bullies understand. You overwhelm them with force... .no threats, no promise of dire punishment if they do not cease and desist with their criminal bullying. First you bring them down to their knees. Then with a gun to their head, you "negotiate" with them for their total capitulation on pain of further punishment or death.

How do you bring Najib Razak to his knees? How do you make Umno see the error of their ways? How do you get the Malaysia that we once had, back on to an even keel?

Under the regime of Mahathir, any checks and balances that were constitutionally in place to "manage" the judicial, executive and legislative branches of the Malaysian government, were effectively dismantled either by legislation or by the sheer authority of a politically dominant Barisan Nasional led by a willing despot, Tun Mahathir  - uncontrolled and unaccountable as Prime Minister. In the absence of these checks and balances, Mahathir was the final arbitrator of what is good and what is bad, of what is right and what is wrong and what is legal and what is not,  in all things Malaysia and Malaysian BN's the two thirds majority in Parliament ensured that it was so.

If Mahathir deemed that Rahim Thambi Chik is not to be punished for having sex with an underage Malay school girl, then Rahim Thambi Chik was not punished. If Mahathir wants to dismiss the CJ for whatever reason, then the CJ is dismissed.       

What Mahathir did not forsee is the possibility that those that comes after him will abuse the political power in their hands rather than use it for good of the Nation. 

Najib is his worse nightmare.

Today Mahathir is no longer prime minister. Najib is. 

The political power that Mahathir has made his own is now Najib's. Where Mahathir wielded his political power in order to get things done his way for the nation, Najib's emphasis on the use of his political power went in a different direction - being for the benefit of himself and driven by a wife whose greed for power and money is yet to be rivaled by any Malaysian past or present.

Time and age has forced Mahathir to understand the error of his ways while he was prime minister. He now seeks to make right what he did wrong to the office of prime minister and to Umno. Mahathir now has to bring Najib to his knees before anything can be done to turn Umno around. Knowing that judiciary, the executive and the legislative are all in cahoots with Najib, Mahathir has to seek the assist of those outside the ambit and influence of Umno, Barisan Nasional and that most despicable "Cash is King" anthem of Najib Razak........and so what is Mahatir to do but to go "elsewhere".

"Elsewhere" are the countries and their financial institutions that have:

1.   Unwittingly become embroil in the conundrum of illicit and criminal financial
      transactions and laundering of 1MDB's billions.
2.   Financial institutions that has facilitated the farcical "donation" of that RM2.6 billion 
       donation that Najib said was given, and returned in part by him, to a Saudi Prince. 

Seven countries have begun putting together a case against Najib....and there is nothing that Najib can do about "managing" the judiciary, the executive or the legislative branches of these countries in the manner that he has done to the judiciary, the executive and legislative branches of the Malaysian government.

Money leaves a trial. The larger the amount of money being pushed around...the bigger the trials...and this is what is now happening with the money from 1MDB and the money from that RM2,6 billion donation. Even as you are reading this the net is closing rapidly around Najib...he may be able to delay his political demise a little by conjuring up smoke and mirrors to fool his detractors but these days moving millions, what more billions, can no longer be done on the quiet....not when the political will to expose these criminal financial dealings are the driving force of these investigations.

It does not help that those who are the recipients of those hundreds of millions cannot wait to spend their ill gotton gains on the world stage in full view of anyone who cares to look.
They spend our money on Hollywood Movies, on New York Apartments and hundreds and millions more on paintings and living the life of the rich and famous at the expense of the Malaysian public. 

Malaysian Financier Jho Low Revealed as Purchaser of Jean-Michel Basquiat's $49 Million 'Dustheads'



Wolf of Wall Street 
Hundreds of Millions of our money invested in Hollywood Movies. 

And once Najib has these authorities in these seven countries going after him, it does not help that  the international media, Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal are also on his back. Najib cannot  shake them off...they have smelt blood and they are going in for the kill. 

In the fullness of time the investigations in these countries will reveal what the Malaysian government has not : We will know where all of 1MDB's billions comes from and into whose pockets they went. We will know exactly where the donations came from and how it was moved around to benefit whom and for what reason. Who have been the recipients of Najib's "generosity" and how it was shared around within and outside of Umno....and how much of the billions were used to keep Najib and his wife in the rich and famous lifestyle that they have grown accustomed at the expense of the Malaysian rakyat!.

The Malaysian Cabinet, the Malaysian Attorney General, The Chairman of PAC, that Twit of an IGP and no Malaysian judiciary can interfere or clear Najib of any wrongdoing done abroad. Foreign governments do not dance to Najib's tune nor can they be "bought" with money.  

Umno's political will to keep Najib Razak afloat on a sea of corruption in his "Cash is King" boat is becoming impossible to sustain. This pariah prime minister of ours will soon becomes a fugitive from justice as these nations demands for answers from a Najib Razak  that is increasingly becoming isolated internationally as the facts about that RM2.6 billion donation and what happened in 1MDB is put onto the public domain with a clarity that will expose criminality and financial abuse.

That is what is needed to bring Najib Razak to his knees : when he becomes an international pariah and a person of "interest" to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Switzerland, Luxembourgg, USA, Scotland, Cayman and counting. 

When Mahathir and his band of merry men are done with Najib Razak....they can then begin their work on making Umno understand the error of their ways....and we can assist them by ensuring Umno's defeat at the polls not too far away. In this, we still much work to do for we will that formidable Mahathir once again opposing the change that we really want and an opposition that has lost its way after the "victory" of the last general election.  

For now Najib Razak understands too well what is being done to him by those who wants him out of office. He also understand that there is not a damm thing he can do to deflect, delay or dismiss what will surely come his way once these countries decide they have enough evidence to move against him. 

And when they do, even the office of prime minister of Malaysia can do little to offer him shelter or a place to hide from justice and the punishment of nations that has the political will to see that justice is served when people in high public office abuse and misuse political power for personal gain.      

As to whether deals are being discussed to allow Najib Razak to have a "graceful" exit and immunity from prosecution as his position as leader of Umno and prime minister increasingly becomes untenable by the day.......perish that thought! 

How can anyone who comes after Najib Razak have any credibility with the Rakyat if they do not make it their priority to go after those that have abuse and misuse their public office for personal gain? 

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