Wednesday 11 May 2016

Lest We Forget : Saudara Anwar Ibrahim.

At about 3.23 AM Tuesday morning I got this message from a classmate:

"Latest...our Bro DSAI rushed to hospital due to unstable BP....let us all pray for his recovery..."

At 1: 34 PM in the afternoon much better news:

"DSAI situation has stabilised, alhamdullilah. Was told by DSWAWI that his BP was very high. Brought him to hospital....doc treated him but then BP went too low. How high was high & how low was low, I did'nt ask"

and later in the day .....
"Will be in hospital for a few days. Doctors want to observe him for the high BP issue and also treat".

Anwar Ibrahim is 70 this year. I am a few months behind and I know what being 70 feels like. I pace myself to make sure that I go through the day with the least amount of aggravation, stress and physical activity. Within these last two months I have been confirmed with gout,  and a Hernia and I am learning to live with these afflictions.  At 70 your body functions starts to shuts down - some quicker than others...vitamins, medications and excercise serves to slow the pace and at most, keeps at bay for a while what will surely inevitably come in the not too distant future. 

I have not done much work on this blog these last two weeks. It is getting harder to motivate my physical and mental self when age is my constant companion. I would have preferred to sit through this evening again doing nothing...but what I heard Rafizi say about Tabung Haji and FGV and that news last night about Anwar's condition touched a raw nerve within my inner self. And so now I sit at my desk and tell myself that I must write.

Write about my concern for the health of my brother Anwar Ibrahim and write about how every government controlled entity with money (Tabung Haji included) have been called upon to prop up the financial disasters perpetrated by Najib Razak, his cabinet, BN and Umno! 

Nothing is sacred anymore simply because what is required to feed the greed of these Umno politicians is beyond our ability to comprehend. I cannot begin to comprehend a billion ringgit....but these are the figures that FGV and 1MDB, among others, are bleeding with no hope on the horizon of any recovery. None what so ever! 

All we can do is we would watch bodies strewn all over the road with limbs missing, flesh and blood scattered all over the road after a horrific accident on the highway. Common sense will tell you that it is better to look away from the horror on the road...but something else within you will tell you to look. The same with what this BN government under Najib Razak is doing to our beloved Malaysia! There have been so many train wrecks in this Najib era. Each new wreck consuming more ringgits than the previous ones....with the mother of all train wrecks - 1MDB - about to realise that the light at the end of the tunnel is another runaway train heading towards their way at breakneck speed.    

As Rafizi says about Tabung Haji's "investment in FGV....... RM1.38 billion for a return of less than RM2 million a year for four years! You get better odds playing Blackjack in the Casino. And while all this is happening the Chairman of Tabung Haji - that Tamil call Aeeeez and Najib Razak stands before us with hands on their hearts telling us that all is well with FGV and with Tabung Haji. headed by a convicted corrupt politician and the other a former car salesman with a questionable degree he obtained from parts unknown. Between these two and the complicity of Najib Razak billions belonging to the Rakyat are used to advance questionable commercial undertakings that would rival anythig anyone has done in any part of the world!

And if their financial greed is not enough....this insidious BN government under Najib Razak has imposed upon many Malaysians hardship and sufferings inflicted by PDRM and a Judiciary that takes their cue from their political masters. From that time when the IGP beat up a defenceless Anwar Ibrahim until today - the physical and mental sufferings of those in the custody of PDRM has not ceased. And the judiciary are complicit in inflicting further suffering upon these Malaysians by imposing upon them custodial sentences that sees Malaysian families separated from their loves to serve the selfish interest of a corrupt political entity that Najib Razak heads.

For a moment, but only for a moment, we saw Razak Baginda go through what so many others have gone through only to be set free to enjoy his ill gotten gains.....but not Anwar Ibrahim. The havoc and consternation Anwar can cause and has caused to BN politicians has made it necessary for Najib and his hoons to prosecute, persecute Anwar and incarcerate Anwar Ibrahim. And since Anwar there have been many opposition politicians suffering the same fate.

I know that Rafizi will soon be the next one to go in. This is one Malaysian that many Malaysians have learned to trusts. Cakap serupa bikin. Listen to what he has to say. What he says exposes the evil that Najib and this BN government does in the name of government. He is clear and concise in his delivery and presents to us facts and figures in a narrative that draws you into the story that he is telling. You will listen to what he has to say and at the end of his narrative you know he speaks the truth.

And the truth harms Najib and his hoons. 

Each truth that Rafizi tell us makes Malaysians trust him more. Today he is the Malaysian that most Malaysians trust and his words are listened to by many and taken to heart by many Malaysians. Malaysians are grasping at straws in their quest to find leaders that they can follow...I assure you that Rafizi has substance and will walk the talk when the time comes for him to stand before Najib and give Najib the two finger salute...just as saudara Anwar have done before.             

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