Monday 30 May 2016

cakap creative in your dissent...make us smile!

The political tension over us all is palpable and suffocating. Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and in places across the length and breath of this nation, there are possibilities aplenty and intrigues, lies and deciets that challenges our perception and expectations of how those in public office should conduct themselves. It seems that everyone is jostling for some breathing space in the growing uncertainties as Najib seeks a way out of the labyrinth of lies, deceit, smoke and mirrors that he had perpetrated around him to save himself from certain political death

Many years ago the fear of being "a person of interest" to the authorities was enough to keep many of us in line. For the politicians the ISA and the real possibility of being thrown into jail and being kept there indefinitely without trail cool many a hothead save for the hardy politicians for whom going to jail for what they believe in, was a rite of passage of their political life. 

Memali saw the government up the ante. We saw that the Malay Umno dominated BN government was willing, if not eager, to kill other Malays if that was needed to make a political point. 

Then with Reformasi open warfare with no holds barred became the order of the day. Political activist for or against the government became increasingly "physical" in their confrontation with each other and with the authorities. A "them against us" mentality took hold and for a time the momentum was with those with large armies and deep pockets.,,,and in this Umno excelled. 

But in the last decade or so, the sheer numbers of Malaysians who are prepared to stand up against anyone  - even the authorities - and make a stand against endemic corruption among the criminal political elites and a demand for free and clean elections have overtaken what large armies and deep pockets can do.

Their numbers are growing by the day and today the BN government, Najib and his Ministers are fully aware that they are fighting not only for their political life but also against the very real possibility that political defeat would see them lose not only their ill gotten gains and spoils of a corrupt political life, but also their freedom. Any government that comes after BN will certainly have to pursue these criminal elites if they are to have any credibility to govern in the eyes of the electorates. 

So perish the thought of a "negotiated" and graceful exit for those who have done criminal deeds while in public office. And perish the thought of any amnesty or the "close one eye and shut the other" syndrome that had plagued the Umno dominated government since the Mahathir regime. The people will demand retribution!

To be brutally honest, the jury is still out as to whom will triumph past the next general election two years away. The opposition is in disarray and a strong, credible leader is not even a dot on the opposition horizon....hell it is not even a speck! 

BN too have their problems  - change or be changed! 

In spite of the state sponsored corruption, abuse, arrest and even murder of those who stand against BN and the collateral harm done to rakyats who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, we have still been entertained by some of the antics of those who are in government and by those who are not. 

I remember during the time when the people of Egypt were trying to remove Mubarak from office....they too entertained the Egyptian masses :  

Malaysians too have been creative in their dissent.... allow me, in these trying times, to share with you all some of the images that have made us smile at the antics of the criminal elites who are unfortunately in charge of the government of our nation. I hope the more creative among us will come up with more of these images.....we need more smiles as we await the departure of the criminal elites from Seri Perdana, from Putrajaya and from any nooks and crannies where they still to hide under the guise of public office.

Busy taking Selfies?

Enough for now...Majlis Kerja Tertinggi in session at PWTC:

Until more images come our way let me leave you with one more.....

As saudara Anwar Ibrahim said : 

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