Thursday 30 June 2016

Melayu cakap pasal Guan Eng.

After the May 13 incident, LKS was the hate target of almost all Malay youths. 

'I will minced him' or 'i will slaughter him alive if I can get hoid of him' seemed to be the battlecry then.

You cant blame them, me included, for then, HE was May13, the cause of it and the cause of the rise of Chinese political awareness therafter.

Over time the perception changed, and of late, dramatically too. 

He was no longer the issue; ABU ( asal bukan UMNO ) is. 

TM, a Malay hero of sort of May 13, had turned villian, and to a handful, again a hero of late. 

Anwar Ibrahim, a hero then and a hero now has the Chinese as his power base. 

But there are still those who are still stucked in the time zone of the 70s. Notable among them are Ibrahim Ali and, suprisingly, our current AG. National Service, he will called it, but let us call a spade a spade. But for him to be caught in such a quagmire is uncalled for. 'If you cant get the father, the son will do', seemed to be be the mentality, albeit silently. This is sure going to hurt the Nation already bleeding from so many issues at hand.

Let us pray that justice, real justice, be allowed to prevail. Better still, let common sense prevailed.

steadyaku47 comment : Melayu atau Cina....Lawan Mesti Lawan!

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