Wednesday 15 June 2016

Melayu Bangsat? I am a Malay before Umno, before Altantuya, before IMDB, before that RM2.6billion donation. Do not think that Najib or Umno will have anything to do with making me or any other Malay anything else but a Malay ...and certainly not a Bangsat!

History is littered with the corpse of those who mistakenly thought that political power obtained legally or by deception, conferred upon them divine rights to abuse the trust placed upon them by the people over whom they hold sway.  Greed, avarice, hubris, arrogance, obesity are some of the symptoms that ails those with these afflictions. We can see all this in Rosmah and Najib.

We did not create Najib. We only elected Najib to office. He created the Umno we have today and he created the man he has become...corrupt to the core, corrupt without any saving grace at all, wrapped in hubris and arrogance. We have in Najib a prime minister that does not concern himself with right or wrong, with ethics and morality and certainly not with the responsibility of duty to, and care for the people and country he had pledged to serve when taking office.

And in his wife, God in his infinite wisdom, had thought if fitting to have in her, the worst of women would be an insult to mothers everywhere to call her one.... ...without grace, dollops of avarice, with much greed, obesity, tons of hubris and so full of herself that there is no need to have arrogance thrown in for good measure.

Truly a match made in hell, marinated with all the venom any bitch can muster when the bitch thinks that she truly is God's gift to her long suffering spouse....a "legend" bolstered by a husband whose place in their home has mostly been spent hiding behind her voluminous skirt and under her thumb! 


How can a family pedigree that boosts of a Prime Minister for a father and numerous exalted links to past and present Bugis and Malay leaders result in someone who would not have much change in hand if he is to be judged by what most of us hold sacred in a leader...nay maybe that would be judging Najib too harshly....I would say that there would not be too much change in hand for Najib even if he were to be judged by our expectations of what any other human should be....decent, gracious, honest, responsible and accountable for what they do to themselves and to others.

But I digress.....
I said in the very beginning that "we did not create Najib. We only elected him to office"....and that too, not all of us are guilty of electing him to office. What he now tries to do is to make us all in his own image. He has already succeeded with Umno, with Barisan Nasional and with much of our government.  

What is now left is Us....those who are opposed to his ways.

We have a PM that offers rewards to those that serves him well and punished with all the might that the state could muster, those who are against him.....and today there are many that are against this Malay...a Malay that dares to suggest that without him, the Malays will be a bangsat race!

I am a Malay before Umno. A Malay while Najib was still soiling his diapers. I am a Malay when he was paying for sex at the massage parlours he frequented when he worked at Petronas, a Malay when he was sowing his wild oats as MB of Pahang. I am still a Malay when he started fooling around with Rosmah while still married to his first wife....a Malay when he divorce his first wife to marry this.....this Bitch. When he had his tryst in Port Dickson I was still a Malay....and still, before Altantuya, before 1MDB and that RM2.6billion donation...I had been a Malay and will always be a do not think that Najib or Umno will have anything to do about making me or any other Malay anything else but a Malay ...and certainly not a Bangsat!    

Most times....this Bugis Warrior deserves our pity more than our contempt for the thoughts that he has within himself. Everyday we must remind ourselves that we are just not Malays, Chinese, Indians or any of the other races that calls this country our home. We are all Malaysians.

There is not need to ask the rich Chinese to help the poor Malays. No need to ask the Malays to share their "Tanah Air" with the others. The Indians and the other diverse ethnic streams that goes to make up our people too do not have to ask nor beg for a share of our nation's resources for we are all Malaysians and all equally deserving. 

Our struggle against arrogance and corruption must once again evolved into a united it was during the times of TGNA, Kit Siang, Karpal and Anwar Ibrahim...and you and me must be part of this struggle until the plague is removed from the face of our nation...from our way of life.

You and me and many others....we are building a new Malaysia. 

Today any belief I once had in the abilities of any leaders that governed our nation are long gone. My belief in the future of our nation is clouded with doubt as to its ability to survive the ravages of six decades of Umno led government...but my belief in the ability of my fellow Malaysian to overcome this odious corrupt BN government is unshakable. It is a belief that already has a will of its own to succeed...all that it needs to succeed is for all the forces against BN to evolved into a united struggle quiet like what we had before the last general election under the leadership of TGNA, Lim Kit Siang and Karpan together with Saudara Anwar Ibrahim.

I have never had much interest in politics. Never concerned myself with government policies and the implementation of it. I was ignorant of the politics of the opposition. For as long as I could remember, it as always been Umno. It has been Umno that has been mine and the choice of many Malays. It has always been Umno that had acted for and in our interest. I saw no division between the interests of the Malays and of Umno. We were one.

But not anymore! 

Corruption, money politics and arrogance have dammed Umno and it's leaders and we can no longer retreat for our backs are now against the whatever Najib and his corrupt government will send against us....let it come. There is nothing else we can do but be ready to do what we have to do...I am one, with you we are two. 

Who else will join us?


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