Monday 20 June 2016

YBhg Tun Hanif Omar.....Tabek Tuan sekali lagi!!

Yesterday...or was it early this morning....I posted an article "Tun Hanif Omar : Tabek Tuan" written by Tun Hanif's son - Seadeamon aka Capt Abdul Rahmat Omar (also a budak Kolet!) - about his father with a small note about my late Father, Hamid Latiff, who served under Tun Hanif as Director of CID. One of our friends, SuSabal Hamzah, read the article and posted it onto his Chat group of ex senior police officers and Tun Haniff read my note and this is YBhg Tun Haniff reply to my note.....

SulSabai Hamzah :  Assalamualaikum Pak Hussein.... I happen to be in the same whatsapp chat group with YBhg Tun MHO ie the Blue Lamp Group of ex senior police officers (Msia) (RESPA) .... and I copied your post "TABEK TUAN!" into the chat group.... and here's Tun MHO's response for your information there's so much goodwill in there... cheers :

YBhg Tun MHO (Tun Hanif Omar) : Salam Hussein, tabek to you and certainly to yr father's memory too! 

Seadeamon is my elder son Capt Abdul Rahmat Omar, class of 83. Are you his sr or jr? 

My late father was a familiar man in yr grandfather Dr Latiff's house as he was yr uncle Dato Jamal Latiff"s buddy in Tk Anson (now Intan) and used to follow him to KL. 

I had the occassion to discuss this with yr late father in 1970 when he was Deputy Director SB and I was Head SB Selangor. 

Yr father was xMSS (Malayan Secret Service) which means that he was a good SB officer in the FMS police before WW2, was selected and taken out to join the MSS, a pan-Malayan super SB secret service formed hurriedly to face up to the looming Japanese invasion of Malaya. 

The MSS was disbanded early into the 1st Malayan Emergency (1948 - 1960) and yr father was returned to SB in the FofM Police Force. 

Yr uncle Dato Ismail in the Public Service Commission represented that commission on the Police Force Commission n kept an eye on my career. 

Tan Sri Yaacob Latiff was particularly close to me when he was in the Info Service, Foreign Service n as KL's first Lord Mayor. 

My Reply : Hussein Abdul Hamid to SulSabai Hamzah:

Saudara...when I first read the note from YBhg Tun MHO to me about my late Father and his brothers and the fact that Tun's father "was a familiar man in my grandfather's house in Kampong Kassipilay....I was overcome with emotion. 

Overcome with memories of my late father, my grandfather and my uncles....all fond and wonderful memories of time past....too overcome with emotions to reply and say thank you to you and Tun for taking the trouble to write. That was earlier during the is now almost 9PM here and my heart is still beating loudly against my chest as I write. 

First by what Tun has been kind enough to write, I now know more about my late father...and for that I am grateful....and I shall share the story about my father and my uncles on our chat group (Cucu Dr Latiff group).

Tun's son is class of 83...I am class of 64 ...and I will certainly get in touch with him and hope to get to know him better there is a bond between us all dating back to our grandfather.

Once again thank you saudara for your kindness in forwarding my posting to your chat group. ..and thanks to YBhg Tun MHO for his stories about my late Father and his brothers.

I am amazed at Tun's ability to recall all this and you and Tun have made a 69 year old Melayu in Melbourne...very very happy. Salam.

And one last thing saudara SulSabai other thing I share with Tun....the late Ibrahim Musang (the head boy before or after Tun ....I am not too sure) is also my Uncle. Salam....just sharing with you.

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