Thursday 16 June 2016

PAS Membership : Abduh : Hanya 1% masuk AMANAH. Takiyuddin admits PAS membership reduced by 200,000 (20%). Siapa penipu?

MUKTAMAR PAS secretary-general Takiyudin Hassan has admitted that party members have reduced by 200,000 over the past one year.
During a winding-up speech at the PAS muktamar in Kota Baru today, Takiyudin said he had announced the party membership had breached one million last year.
However, a few things had happened over the past one year, including some members have left the party, and therefore the membership has been reduced.
"We have to be open and transparent. We have announced that (our) membership had breached the one-million (mark), but after a cleaning process – some members have passed away, some have left the party – we now have 800,000 members."
The Kota Baru MP also urged leaders from all levels to help register new members and voters.
Takiyudin also asked all members holding party assets to register with the party in the wake of last year's incident.
"In last year's muktamar, some party members ran away from PAS with the party assets."
"Therefore, we will make it compulsory for all PAS assets to be registered because some people in the divisions and branches have party assets."

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