Wednesday 29 June 2016

PSA : Use of Mobile Phone at Petrol Station.

Received this via whatsapp grp.

I usually do not send long messages, but this one is important and may save your life, and i like you guys to be very much alive, so please take your time and read.

Im not sure if you guys heard of the fire that occurred at a petrol station today (28 June 2016) involving a 25 years old girl and her car. She happens to be someone we know, so lets all pray for her speedy recovery.

All the articles kept blaming her saying the usage of phone caused the fire. 

Firstly, please do not use phone as it is dangerous, but it is actually not the cause of the fire and not the main danger.

I have checked with the expert, and the main danger is static charge. I have mentioned before, when pouring fuel for you car:

1. Lean against your car and ensure your body is touching the metal of the car to discharge the static charges to the ground.

2. Please DO NOT MOVE AROUND while pouring fuel. Everybody does this mistake, they put the stand for the nozzle, and go in and out of the car for various reasons. Or back to the pump station or anything. 

When you keep moving around, the static charge will accumulate within your body, and it would be sufficient to ignite the fumes from the fuel and cause a fire.

This is what caused the fire, as the girl went into the car to retrieve her phone. The various movements accumulated the static charges within her body and caused flash fire, commonly mentioned as explosion in news articles.

It was unfortunate for the girl to endure this horrifying accident as she was unaware of the danger of static charges and the media is wrong to blame her for using her phone when it may not be the reason. 

So please please stand next to the nozzle, finishing pouring, place back the nozzle, discharge all the static charged and then go in your car. 

Do not underestimate the danger of static charges and fire in petrol station or anywhere with fuel source. Please be careful. It is not worth dying or causing the death of your loved ones due to unknown negligence than can be now easily avoided.

Please stay safe. Take your time pouring fuel. Do not multitask. Pouring fuel is a task that requires your undivided attention, no joke. Take care all 😘

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