Saturday 25 June 2016

Why are the STUPID MUFTI"S also so UGLY!

In an article in Utusan Online titled “DAP tergolong kafir harbi ajar ditentang” (Infidel, non-Muslim DAP must be fought) yesterday, Rahman said it was a “big sin” to work hand-in-hand with the DAP.

He said the “hate politics” practised by the DAP was worrying and could cause chaos in the country.

Rahman also urged former premier Dr Mahathir Mohammad to “leave DAP” and fall back to the righteous path.

“The last time PAS made a mistake by working with DAP, before realising that the latter had made Islam its enemy.

“I hope Dr Mahathir will istighfar (apologise for his sins) and stop working with the DAP,” he was quoted as saying in the article.

steadyaku47 comment :  I do what I can in what I write to give what ever support I can to Lim Kit Siang and DAP in their efforts to rid this nation of ours of this corrupt Umno led BN government. With great difficult I refrain from commenting on religious matters - be it Islamic, Christianity or any other beliefs that others in our nation might have - for faith is, to me, a very personal matter.

Ignorance I can understand and ignore, but stupidity in religious leaders of any denomination needs to be addressed simply because it abuses the trust others have in them....and they do not come any more stupid then a religious leader who becomes the mouth piece of any political entity.

This idiot of a Mufti tells me that "DAP tergolong kafir harbi ajar ditentang"....Infidel non-Muslim DAP must be fought". There are a few choice words I would like to direct to this Mufti ....but I suspect I might regret seeing them in print during this month of Ramadan ....and so I will leave it to Pak Arsahd who says :

I would like to ask this Pahang Mufti if it is alright to be associated with a Malay political party that lies to the rakyat, and its leaders are mired in massive corruption. Also, please tell me if MCA isn't another 'kafir harbi' and it is all right for a Malay political party to be associate with it. When Muftis get themselves involved with UMNO-like politics, then I say that they had better resign than come out with more nonsensical fatwas.

Enough said....and now I am going back to try and enjoy the rest of my weekend with my wife and son and in between, listening to the oldies but goodies and sharing it with you all.


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