Wednesday 15 June 2016

Dia tidak tahu....apa yang Rosmah tak tahu?

Lawyer: PM’s signature on 1MDB documents a formality, doesn’t mean he decides or knows all - See more at:


Lawyer: PM's signature on 1MDB documents a formality, doesn't mean ...
Apr 14, 2016 - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's lawyer Mohd Hafarizam said the signing ... Mohd Hafarizam said the signing of the documents does not ... “But it is not something to be read that the prime minister decides almost everything in 1MDB, I'm sure he doesn't know what's happening because the board of ..


One who 'closes eyes and signs documents' not fit to be PM | Free ...
Apr 15, 2016 - But Najib's lawyer said it (the signing of the document) did not mean the prime minister had approved it. He just signed it. He didn't know ...

steadyaku47 : First Najib's Lawyer tells us that Najib signs documents without knowing what he is it would seems that stupidity runs in the family...Rosmah's aide tells us that "apa yang dia buat...seperti naik pesawat, segala nya, semua di uruskan.....dia hanya bawak diri...dia tak tahu...."

Apa lagi yang si Rosmah tak tahu Rizal? 

Dia tak tahu apa Najib buat kat Port Dickson?

Dia tak tahu Najib dah kahwin masa she start fooling around with him?

Dia tak tahu dia bukan FLOM? Our First Lady is the Permaisuri Agong? 

Dia tak tahu Harga Beg Hermes beratus ribu ringgit?

Dia tak tahu how ridiculous she looks in that Star War Outfit?


Dia tak tahu she does not look like this....ever!


Dia tak tahu pesawat nak singgah di Milan? 

Dia tak tahu pesawat nak singgah di Bangkok? 

Dia tak tahu pesawat nak singgah di tempat tempat yang best untuk shopping? 

Dia tak tahu yang dia akan ka Dubai dengan private Jet?

Dia tak tahu dia akan ka Istanbul dengan Private jet?

Dia tak tahu kenapa beg beg tidak di simpan di cargo compartment?
What else she does not know? Is Rosmah that dumb? I know she looks stupid but are you confirming to us that she is really a village idiot who does not know what is going on around her...and all she does is to turn up where she is suppose to turn up and everything is done for her?

What will happens if on her next trip to accept any "awards" overseas ...when she turns up at the airport to board her flight.........what happens if you arrange for her to go on economy on an Air Asia flight to where ever it is that she is going to? 

Engkau orang sure mampus kena belasah dengan dia kan?

Your job is to be her errand boy...just do it! 

Jangan cuba buat PR for her. Rosmah and Najib is beyond decent PR firm with enough brains will take them on for any amount of money!

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