Monday 27 June 2016

Crisis in PKR : PKR has a president in Wan Azizah who is dominant, uncompromising, selfish, vengeful, stubborn and ambitious. No one, in the history of Malaysian politics, have stayed as loyal as Azmin Ali have been to Anwar Ibrahim. None! Something has to give!

To quote my cousin, Mohammad Karim from Kuala Pilah......"Nothing will change if the opposition keep kicking themselves to death. There is no rallying messiah to garner a working coalition." Agreed on all counts! 

We know where their messiah has gone to...but that point about "kicking themselves to death" needs to be brought to the attention of those who are indeed kicking themselves to death - namely PKR, PAS and no particular order of fault or guilt lest any of you point the finger at me for being partial to any one race, religion or gender. 

I want to start with PKR : Parti Keadilan Rakyat. 

I want to start with PKR not because I love it least among the opposition party that sits in opposition to BN, but because I love it most among the opposition parties that sits in opposition to Umno and BN. I was with Anwar Ibrahim in MCKK and there are others from MCKK who are also in PKR and we budak Kolet do try to take care of each other the best way we can....but even the legendary MCKK camaraderie has it's limit. I fear that mine is about to be reached and breached!

From the time of it's inception in 2006 I have watched, with more than a passing interest, at the, progress is not the right word to describe PKR's past would be more appropriate to say......I have watched PKR stumble, triumph, fall, pick itself up again and again and fall again and stumble over the years.....through too many highs and lows....mostly lows if I am to be truthful. 

The only triumph was that 2008 general elections when somehow, beyond it's wildest expectations, PKR won 31 seats in Parliament and for once, justified Anwar's claim to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia and PKR's  assumption of it's position as the leader among the opposition coalition.....and as Jackie Kennedy said of her's and JFK's time in the white house:

"Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief, shining moment that was known as Camelot. There will be great presidents again ... but there will never be another Camelot".
—Kennedy describing the years of her husband's presidency for Life.

Will there be another Camelot for PKR and Anwar in the future? 

To err is human...and none are more human than politicians....and none have erred within the opposition quiet like PKR.  But let us not visit the ghosts of PKR's past....let us talk about the present. 

All that PKR has today that is of any political value is Selangor.  

PKR must back the Selangor goverment at all costs. That is your fort and your strength. For good or bad, everyone within PKR must ensure the state excel and does well. Umno will never retake Selangor unless PKR and its allies destroy themselves. 

And what is happening in Selangor today?

Again I want to talk about the present - not the past. Not if that Khalid debacle had not happened, not if Anwar Ibrahim is free (for he is not!) and certainly not in the future when the imminent arrival of another federal election will invariably see a realignment of once sworn enemies and tiresome nemesis for the sake of political advantage.  

Azmin and Wan Azizah can deny all they want....Anwar Ibrahim can write as many letters as he wants from inside Sungai Buloh and all of PKR can stand shoulder to shoulder with hands on their hearts and tells us all that all is well within PKR.  

We that understand the goings on within that political entity knows what is going on.

PKR has a president in Wan Azizah who is dominant, uncompromising, selfish, vengeful, stubborn and ambitious. Wan Azizah is a president who will stop at nothing to kill off her Deputy and those she thinks are aligned with him. Wan Azizah is not a uniting President. And I will name names... she has Rafizi and Saifuddin and a few others on her side....and more damaging to PKR, she has Anwar Ibrahim desperately trying to keep himself relevant in PKR through her and though the same SOP that he did when he was in Umno - divide and rule. 

If it takes discrediting the Selangor government for Wan Azizah to take control of PKR, Wan Azizah will do so. The latest skirmishes over the use of women and cash to get things done in the Selangor government "leaked" by Rafizi, is a case in point. 

I stress that I do not want to talk too much about the past...only of the present and the very recent past. Rafizi's "leaks" about the women and cash is in the recent past....and what did it achieve? Zilch. Naught. Zero ...kosong ...except to embarass Azmin Ali's stewardship of Selangor....and if that was the intended outcome by Rafizi and Wan Azizah...then they have been successful.   

Observe that there has not been a tit fot tat response from Azmin and "his faction". Do not be fooled by Azmin Ali's silence or by his patience...for Azmin does have a sizable faction within PKR who will do his bidding, if asked. 

DId I applaud Rafizi for his "exposure" of such odious practices which he inferred the Selangor government condoned? No I did not and you can read my response to his exposure here: 
Let me caution anyone in PKR that should they think it neccesary to "expose" other "wrongdoings" within the Selangor government just make sure that your intentions are purer than white...and not driven by personal, political or financial considerations.....lest your "expose" turns around to bite you...Karma!   

Azmin Ali is not part of the problem within PKR...he is an integral part of the solution. A good PKR team is when all, in spite of differences, can work together because there is a common goal. Not everyone will agree with you but if he or she is in PKR, he or she is not your enemy. 

But at the same time I must ask Azmin Ali if the price of his loyalty to Anwar Ibrahim has been worth it! 

Is it his loyalty to Anwar Ibrahim that has prevented Azmin Ali from having any public dispute with Wan Azizah even when common sense dictates that he should? A loyalty that Anwar and Wan Azizah has time and time again,used to their political advantage but at the expense of Azmin Ali and, sadly, PKR?

If so, what then is Azmin Ali's tipping point? Will he go the way of the others who have left PKR rather that to stay and from within PKR, make PKR into their image rather than that of Anwar's? 

Or will Azmin Ali stay and feign allegiance to Wan Azizah while consolidating and expanding his factional base within PKR.

This is just me thinking aloud what is in my I am sure, many of you too are. We are all confused with what is happening within PKR but what we are agreed upon is that if Najib calls for a snap election in these next few months, PKR is a goner....Mampus. Mati. Die lah!
No one, in the history of Malaysian politics, have stayed as loyal as Azmin Ali have been to Anwar Ibrahim. None! He has been rewarded for his loyalty by being the MB of Selangor today....but he has become the MB not only because of his loyalty to Anwar Ibrahim, but more tellingly, when push came to shove between him and Anwar & Family, Azmin Ali could effectively call upon for support from within and outside of PKR. 

Let there not be another time before the next general election when Azmin Ali is once again required to flex his considerable muscles within PKR in order to secure his political future within PKR and on a national level. 

I am not suggesting that Azmin Ali will do so...or that he is seeking a reason to do so...or that he is waiting for an opportunity to do so. Whether he will do so or not will depend on how the Captain of the SS PKR - whether that be Wan Azizah or Anwar Ibrahim, will steer the ship through the impending storms ahead as Umno tries to do to PKR what it has already done to PAS.     

I would ask saudara Anwar Ibrahim that before he pleads for opposition unity, he should start by telling the incumbent PKR president that that is sorely needed first within PKR.

Note: On this same subject I will have to find some ilham to write same about DAP and PAS...when that ilham comes.....I will write. 

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