Thursday 16 June 2016

cakap cakap Peter Yang : Life from his perspective.

Am not disputing on the sharing of LOVE issue .

Neither on the pangs of hunger & poverty to appreciate LOVE & (maybe) to  SHARE to CARE.

Rather; the romanticizing of issues that do not really represent REALITY of our living BEINGness.

Hunger, Poverty, Stray homeless abandoned dogs (has anyone seen "RABIES"), diseases, orphans, widows, Homeless unloved widowers, Men looking for work yet are unemployable due to no reason except ------ Color ? Smell? In-profitable ?

The MULTITUDE of social negatives associated with the 'human' (inhumane?) condition we live in seem to fade when  suddenly or unexpectedly we find corners where such "romanticized ideals" of LOVE, SHARING,  CARING  & uncalled for SACRIFICE surface and we feel life is worth while living after all. Is it?

Hope is an opiate if not anything, it steels one, making the pains of reality bearable as it holds out expectation perhaps of a release from that PAIN.

And why is REAL life more of the mundane, the suffering and poverty and un-employables and homelessness and lonely dogs and poor Old man and weeping hungry kids with mothers dry of milk and healthy yet hapless husbands staring at empty cupboard he has no way to fill and everyone dreaming of the 'better' life next country or in the West or the Down Under or in fantasized places where the day dawns -  on exactly similar scenes?
That LIFE is so;  is squarely to be accounted by the indelibly bred-in spiritual  DNA of HUMAN greed and insufficiency plus all other NORMAL human urges co-administered by a political system where issues are never fully addressed or made any better cos no one truly cares enough nor is it profitable enough.

Besides Man's mortality as well as more urgent matters (whatever these be) deflates every sail with such ambitious billowing gusts of idealism.
Even if one wants to UNLESS every others truly also are willing to go the ENTIRE distance to make it a better earth that we all live on,, even if for one lifespan.. the dream will sadly, never take off.

 As one standing alone; condemned as a weirdo, as a rebel, as mad or at the least, a non conforming trouble maker - it will remain a BLOG post reminiscing, dreaming & getting a transient high, a temporary flash of SHIOK on a romantic ideal of  "there is goodness in man yet"

Is there?

PS: The not killing of a puppy, the random non-neutering of dogs which only were only 'used' as free CCTVs and cheap watch.manimals due perhaps to some mis-sentiments based on religio-philosophy of not taking a 'life' - rather to condemn a pup/dog to a mangy mutty existence - 'living' out the rest of it's life abandoned - in a CANINE HELL in some market places or some food stalls - on good earth. Consoling thought? At least the mutt is NOT dead..

Love animals ?

Do not take a life ?

Sorry to burst the feel good bubble ..

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