Thursday 16 June 2016

The Arrogance of Power...taking our people's hard earned money to donate to charities in the Philipines!

"Memang kita tidak bayar sebarang wang tebusan kepada kumpulan penculik, wang RM12 juta hasil kutipan orang ramai dan jualan hartanah serta aset oleh keluarga itu diberikan kepada pihak polis bukan sebagai wang tebusan".

PUTRAJAYA, June 16 — The RM12 million raised to ransom four Sarawakian hostages was paid to Filipino welfare groups and not the militants who abducted…

The Malaysian government does not recognise kidnappers' demands for ransom, says DPM.

Former NST Group Editor Mustapha Kamil points out that the families of the hostages had sold off their properties to raise the funds.

This is what Malaysian think of what this bloody DPM has done with that RM12million "donation". 

Eddie Tan
Eddie Tan: If money not used, it should be returned. People had to beg and borrow.

Dave McLaren
Dave McLaren: Wei indon fucker!! Show us proof of donation pls....

Richard Yong
Richard Yong: Come on lah!! People have to mortgage their houses to raise the ransom money and this joker said its given to charities!!?

Stan Lee
Stan Lee: Wonder if it's any difference with term donation...? Some of this funds are to be rightfully returned or reimburse to the family members.

Tankaa Tan
Tankaa Tan: Tnma, itu hari cakap tak bayar, hari ni sudah kasi charity. . . Duit nyawa org pun mau ragut ke?

Teddy Te'h
Teddy Te'h: Ha-ha. Polis said no ransom, this guy said channeled to charity. Tomolo chicken and hippo said different place else

Danny K.C. Heng
Danny K.C. Heng: It not up to you to decide. It is not your money.

Chia Foo Wee
Chia Foo Wee: Apa terjadi pada Negara Ku, oh Tuhan......

Hui Lee
Hui Lee: learning from his boss. corruption become donation. ransom also can become donation. kimak indon

Azzat Kamaludin
Azzat Kamaludin: May we know the name of the charities please lest it becomes like the donation from the friendly Arab donor?

Amran Ariffin Perth, WA: Kalau dah kaki kencang, Ramadhan pun payah nak stop!
Betty Teh : What the hell? Return to the family..for God's sake!

steadyaku47 comment : Like the RM2.6 billion donation, like 1MDB....the story changes by the minute. First no ransom paid, then money donated to charity and now donated to Islamic body...what next ma? Will the Foreign Minister of the Philippines confirm that the RM12 million has been paid to a Muslim body....tak payah lah....ini cerita kita sudah dengar banyak kali ma!
Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the RM12 million raised by the families of hostages recently freed by the Abu Sayyaf was given to an Islamic body in the Philippines.
However, he stressed that the payment was not ransom to secure the four Sarawakian hostages’ release.
“The government decided not to pay ransom, and police adhered to this order.
“The money raised was from public donation and assets sales (by the hostages’ families), and I can confirm that it was channelled not as ransom, but to a body in the Philippines which assists in an Islamic struggle.
“The body has no links to terrorists or criminals,” Berita Harian reported Zahid as saying in Putrajaya today.

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