Wednesday 29 June 2016

Arun Paul on "Kafir Harbi"

steadyaku47 comment : Why not, just this once.......all you guys that read what we write and know what we try to do with our writing.......why not just this once, help us out with making this idiot of a Pahang Mufti understand that what he did over the "kafir harbi" issue is wrong....very very wrong. Do what you can to assist Arun Paul in what he intends to do. Jom...lawan mesti lawan!

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I am going to lodge a police report against this imbecile. Not being a hero. But I cannot condone such extremism. Any article to support my report please paste here.

Arun Paul
Arun Paul
Sukhendu Paul
Sukhendu Paul someone please do a background check on him eg-present financial status b4 n after the statement /his roots-if indon how did he bcome a malay when there is no such race as a malay race/his level of education/did he attend THE btn course-under mrM

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