Friday 17 June 2016

Not another RM12million for that Islamic Body in the Philippine!

steadyaku47 comment : Never let it be said that when RM12 million got four Malaysian freed....that some one, some where, some how, at some time (NOW!) will arrange another kidnapping! 

How much those involved in the freeing of the first four Malaysian  - among them the DPM, Special Branch aka PDRM headed by that Twit of an IGP and all those that profited from that first RM12 million donated by caring Malaysians  - are involved in this second kidnapping is for them to know and for us to find out sooner if not later....but it would seem that greed, to them, is good!

Suffice to say that Malaysians everywhere will be hard pressed to part with another RM12 million to go towards the release of the other four just kidnapped. 

Now let us see how our DPM spins this into an electoral plus to go towards the buy election this weekend.

Saya steady aja....but that unnamed Islamic Body in the Philippines sure must be cashed up to enjoy Hari Raya!   

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