Saturday 25 June 2016

Life is still Good!

There have been times when I have been asked, how do I cope with the condition of my wife who has dementia. How do I and my son take care of her 24/7/  Would it not be easier for us and better for my wife, to have her in a Home? That thought have passed through my mind but only fleetingly and have never lingered for more than a few moments. 

For the many many carers who take care of others...whether they are doing it because it is their job, whether they do so because there is no one else to do so and whether, in the case of my son and me, we do so for our loved ones....what ever the reasons...we all know one thing....we do it because we want to.  For my son and me what we do makes us happy because we want to care for my wife..and when you WANT to do something....nothing is a problem.   

So for those of you are having difficulties in doing something you DO NOT want to do....think positive thoughts and look for ways to WANT to do then becomes so much easier and happier. Life is good.

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