Sunday 26 June 2016

Saudara Fauzi Abdul Rahman...budak kolet, kawan dan juga YB Indera Mahkota : When Malaysia is Wrong!

Closing chapter of saudara Fauzi's  maiden speech in Parliament....listen to what he says about all of us coming together to put right what is wrong with our country.......a timely reminder to all of us. Lawan tetap Lawan!

Tuan Yang Di-Pertua, dengan izin,

“When Malaysia is wrong, let’s put it right”.
This country is ours, wrong or right,
That nobody can deny,
When she is wrong, we’ll put it right,
When she is right, we’ll keep it tight,
Then there will be no sigh!
Diverse as we are, united we ought to be,
As we aspire to live in harmony,
Malaysia indeed a blessed country,
Let’s march towards a common destiny.
This, a blessed country, I’ll say at again,
Prosperous and wealth aplenty,
God gave us sunshine and the rain,
Enriching our soil’s fertility.
And from this earth, wealth is mined,
And ‘black gold’ off the shore,
A gift from God, “Search and you will find”,
Malaysians just can’t ask for more.
God endows yet thanksgiving lacking,
That’s mere selfishness and greed,
Must learn to live a life of sharing,
Lest we are just a useless breed!
When evil combine, the good must unite,
(Saya ulang) When evil combine,
the good (from both divide) must unite,
Or we will be pushed down the drain,
When Malaysia is wrong, let’s put it right,
Putting Humpty and Dumpty together again.

Thank you Tuan Yang Di-Pertua,
for lending me your ears,
Pardon me for one slip or two,
May you be blessed in all coming years,
With good health and good fortune too.

Akhir kalam, ……………. ………

”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!”

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