Thursday 23 June 2016


steadyaku47 comment : Bottom is his last request that grabs me ...."maka hantar lah harta harta kalian ka tempat tempat Jihad!"....Donation lagi! 

Is this just another of Najib's ploy to top up his already insane hoard of donations from parts unknown. Has this Najib guy no shame! 

If you are really thinking of donating...I suggest you do not go through Special Branch, PDRM or any Charity Body in the Philippines...or even the DPM....sent money direct to Jho Low or nominated personal account of Najib Razak. 

And please will that Twit of an IGP probe who this "donation seeking" idiot is really working for : Is it Najib, Umno, some Islamic charity body in the Philippines, the DPM....or heavens forbid, the Islamic States!

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