Tuesday 13 September 2016

cakap cakap...BONDI.

I was at Bondi on Sunday...lost in my own thoughts and oblivious to the crowd around me....the weather warm enough to walk around in my shirt. This was my first time at Bondi and what strike me was that I live a life totally different  from many of those around me in Bondi. Not better, not more chaste or happier than them....only different. My wife has never been to I wish she was with I wish she could be with me....but in life, you live with what you have.

But I had a good host. A fellow Malaysian who has been in Oz for as long as me....a decade younger than me....and like me, we are both grateful to be in Australia. Like all Malaysians, we talked incessantly of "home" and like all Malaysians, he took it upon himself to show me Bondi and other things of Oz because that is what good Malaysian hosts do with friends that visit them.  

I was back in Melbourne way past midnight, taking the last flight out and landing at Avalon - 60 mins drive away from Melbourne - and arrived home tired but happy. Now I know why my parents always make a big deal out of arriving home after a few days away....there really is nothing like home. 

Life is good.  



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