Tuesday 27 September 2011

Chinese Only !


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OutSyed The Box


You can click on these pictures for a blow up. I received this from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you Sir for sending me these pictures. They reflect the dichotomy that still exists in the country - most unfortunately. It also exposes the hypocrisy of the racists disguised as liberals who are crying out for fairness and justice.

First the pictures and the email that I received. They are self explanatory.

"Hi Mr Syed,
I want to share with you some photos i snapped in One Utama last week (23 Sept 2011). I'm not looking for jobs, but just doing 'window' shopping the other day. Well, the windows are plastered with job opening which is no doubt, an open discrimination to the rest of malaysian people. I only took 3 pictures, but i assure you there are about 3-4 shops that post this type of ads. I guess the shop owner thought every other race other than Chinese are crooks and not to be trusted. I don't know, there must be some other reason to it.

But there goes the spirit of One Malaysia down the drain."

When we met with the MCA President Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek last week, he criticised Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa for still thinking like as though we are living in post Independence Malaya in 1957. Well, looking at these pictures that were snapped in One Utama, it would appear that we were living in the Straits Settlements of the 19th Century!! "Chinese Only" ?

I think this atitude should have disappeared, latest with the end of the Malayan Emergency in 1960. Unfortunately it has not.

There are some hypocrites who are making a big issue of "bangsa Malaysia-lah", 'saya anak Malaysia -lah' and other sloganeering kononnya because they want to erase racial discrimination and racial identification in the country.

I can agree with erasing racial identification. It is a good thing to do. We have to work towards erasing all racial identification. But that will only happen when the economic disparity between races is significantly reduced. And that will only happen when the Malays and the pribumis (the largest racial grouping) can stand on their own feet and can compete with anyone and anyting.

But we all have to chip in to expedite this process. A Chinese friend dropped by recently and said there should be a program where Chinese families can adopt Malay children (for a time) and teach them how Chinese people think and talk and also teach them Chinese business acumen. An 'inter racial' technology transfer. Malays may feel offended at this suggestion, but this is a very "out side the box" idea. There are Chinese who want to do the right thing - to help the Malays learn to compete. That is much easier and much cheaper and a lot more profitable in the long run. Putting up job vacancies that say "Chinese Only" is not helping our country at all.

You cannot just say "Bangsa Malaysia", 'Lets remove the "Race" requirement on all Government forms' and then turn a blind eye when the shops in One Utama blatantly advertise 'Chinese Only'. The hypocrisy is too blatant lah. And you want to tell Ibrahim Ali that he is wrong in this matter?

What is the Pakatan led Selangor State Government doing about such blatantly racist signage in One Utama (?) I believe One Utama is in Selangor. Or the Federal Government for that matter? Tidur ke?

I hope you can all see the hypocrisy and the racism in this country. I have mentioned before that when the mad Taliban blew up the Buddha statues in Afghanistan, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP made 13 Press Statements condemning the act. But when the Hindu fanatics destroyed the Babri Mosque in India the DAP and Lim Kit Siang remained quiet as door mice. Just like the DAP is usually silent on the Palestinian issue as well. (Its a Malay issue mah - Muslim people- nothing to do with Chinese).

The Bersih monkeys called for free and fair elections. They conveniently overlooked blatant cheating and irregularity in the PKR party elections - which resulted in Zaid Ibrahim leaving the party and forming KITA. Now KITA too is going through a 'lets throw out the dictators' phase.

The purpose of their street mobbing was to ensure there would be free and fair elections so that the people in this country will enjoy the benefit of democratic laws and freedoms. But now the more insane among them want to impose strange Biblical laws that will stone people to death, kill people for apostasy, crucify highway robbers and other such mental asylum madness. And the Bersih monkeys are keeping quiet.

I mean the sequence is this : clean elections begat clean democracy which begat fair and just laws. The sequence now has changed : clean elections, clean democracy, stone adulterers to death, and crucify highway robbers. It totally defeats the entire purpose of the earlier running mad in the streets. The desired end game is being sacrificed. Yet you remain silent? Hypocrites.

The country has too many hypocrites. We cannot achieve much social progress if people are stuck in their hypocrisies. Neighbours will continue to be suspicious of each other, people will not learn to cooperate, politics will be seen as a battering ram to hammer each other.

I hope those shops take down those signs saying 'Chinese Only'. It is not a nice thing to say. On the one hand you want the Government to remove the "Bangsa" on all application forms. On the other hand you put up these things. Haiyya - so obvious one mah.


  1. This is a long standing problem and we can argue until the cows come home without improving things.

    I had been through the start of NEP when job adverts specified Bumiputeras only. Just imagine, at the time when I was looking for a job and so many vacancies were barred from me. 40 years later, we are still faced with this Never Ending Policy for one reason or another.

    I find any advertisement with racial bias very distasteful, for any particular race. I can understand how other races felt when faced with such 'Chinese only' requirement.

    The Race Discrimination Act in UK prohibits such discrimination in advertisements, and we all know they are more discreet in doing so. There was a case of a room to let advert. A coloured man asked and was told it was taken up. He asked a white friend to enquire and was given more details!

    When the Sex Discrimination Act was first introduced, there was a deliberate advertisement for bricklayers which specified, '...has chest measurement of at least 36" and able to work topless in summer...' It circumvented the Act, yet able to ask for men only!

  2. I used to employ young people of different races to look after my retail outlets in shopping complexes. As these are small outlets, they are run by single staff. I had to stop taking in Malays/Muslims coz:-
    1)they had to close the shop a few times a day for sembahyang. This is for practicality as it's annoying for customers to see the shop closed.
    2)cannot converse with tourists in English.
    So I don't see it as discrimination
    when such job ads appear. It makes more business sense to hire other races.

  3. I would in addition like to advise OUTside the box to stay INside the box of Malaysia when commenting on these matters.

    Different countries do have their own intricacies and hence such situations as he has described could possibly arise.

    Corrupt officials are shot dead in China. So why don't we also prescribe the same for Malaysia?

  4. What's the difference when without "Chinese Only" the employer can still mean it at the end of a job interview that he meant it for Chinese only?

    In stark contrast, while the Chinese are so mean with "Chinese Only", yet in hiring a housemaid why are they not so Chinese Only to hire a muslim to cook pork?

    The racist thing about this thing is all about money! When come to making money, the employer thinks of Chinese Only, when comes to paying money, the employer thinks of cheap labour more than Chinese Only!

    And those are Only Chinese!

  5. shuk don't give up, between those racist Chinese and racist Malays is us!

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  7. Zam-I wonder how many of us?If it is only you and me and steadyaku and a few more,where will that brings us?We have disintegrate to the point of no return,we are so corrupt,we are so racist,we have become a bunch of hypocrite,we have forgotten the words humility,compassion and even love,we have lost sight of what being human is all about,may be we should trade places with the satans and devils that we used to describe as evil or may be we are the real satans and devils???

  8. The Malays were never the rascist kind lads. We do our sundries at their shops, get our wet groceries from the Chinaman market. The Malays are so easy to be pleased as long as the Chinaman are courteous we will always go back to them for somemore.Why should you Shuk and Fmz be so emotionalas if you are so much rascist than those bloody rascist Chinaman. Look who send their children to their school, look at the jinjang joes on the road, how the discrimation at their don't la put the blame on you guys as if all the trouble is caused by the stupid Malays

  9. The so apologetic Melayus.They couldn't care less about you.....or lets see how they respond ha

  10. What are u giving up on.......sounds like Mahathir

  11. Why call Bersih monkeys??? May I call you monkey??

  12. Don't you think so Bersih monkeys about they being bersih monkey, bersih monkey!

  13. forget all d racist.... we r all 1. d human race

  14. ......and that exist only in your alam, alamghaib...... and good night malaysia wherever you are.

  15. First we must look at the story deeper. Do you want to employ a non Malay speaking Chinese as a sale staff where most of your customers are Malays. There are certain area of business where you just can't employ Malays. Massage palour, piercing palour,men hair dressing,
    non halal restaurant,pubs, casino and many more. Who to blame. I wish one day people are free to take any offer of jobs.

  16. Well said “Just wanna work”. Malaysia is where it is today because of the policies put in place by the current government. May I ask how many of the government scholarships are given to the non-Malay? Why harp on small business like this in wanting to hire Chinese only? Their intend is to stay in business and make a living and support their children who have no chance of getting any assistance from the government to support their education. In addition Malays are not allowed to work in certain sectors of the industry. Can you fault these small business holders for doing what they are doing? Let’s give all a chance to make Malaysia a better place to live and for the sake of your children and grand children we must make a concerted effort to vote in a government who will be fair to all its citizens.

  17. That's why NEP must be abolished immediately.
    We must go by meritocracy, no longer by skin colour.

  18. Dear Hussein,

    I just cannot understand why in the first place requirement "Chinese Only" can be offensive or racialistic in nature.

    There can be so many expanations as to why these employers insist on "Chinese Only" applicants. It could be they deal with Chinamwn both local and overseas in their placements of their products; it could mean that maybe their goods are non-hallal and most likely these employers speak fluent mandarin and not any other languages.

    I applaud these employers for being so straight to the point and not cause undue hardships, viv-a-vis monetary expenses to the applicants who when told that only Chinese are considered will naturally come up with "why don't you say so in the first place instead of us taking the bus, foto-copying our documents etc etc.

    To convince you futher I organised 3 Chinese chaps to ask for jobs in the Gerai-Gerai run by Malays. All were rejected simply because they were Chinese and these shops cater for muslim customers.

    To the guy who wasted everybody's time with his article and fotos, I say, don't be an idiot because the real racialist is you! Why don't you go to these shops to ask why? Forming your own uncalled for opinion and stirring up racial disunity is not good. Grow up!!!

  19. Wtf are you talking about jeffrey? Don't you see what shop are those in the pictures? It is a video game shop, clothes shop, i think body glove and jewellery shop.

    What is non halal, speak better mandarin crap are you talking about? This ia malaysia my friend, you either speak malay or english. If you seriously want to open up to chinese only i suggest you go and tell the shopkeeper to display a huge banner saying this shop is for chinese only. Then nobody gonna say anything.

    Applaud my ass. Here is my straight to the point statement. Chinese are damn racist, evidence is clear, and your word and the rest of the chinks that commented here strengthen my statement.

  20. racism sells! first time, u got 20+ comments. mahafiraun would have said this - SEE!!

  21. Stupid article attacking BERSIH . Typical of these people not being able to separate party affairs from national affairs. BERSIH wants clean elections in electing the Government of this country . What and how PKR conduct their election is the party's business . Just don't vote for them if u think they r a bunch of cheats. Just like there r many of us who don't like how BN or KITA suppress dissent within their party . If u don't like , don't support or vote. We express our opinion of a political party at the state and national elections. That is precisely what BERSIH is all about- to have a clean GE where people get the party and leaders that they want. It does not matter if it is BN or PKR. As long as as the people get to chose who they want on a level playing field with no cheating , BERSIH is not Pakatan . Pakatan chose to accept the invitation to march with BERSIH but BN did not.

  22. HH,

    People like Syed look at things with their blinkers on and jump to conclusions without finding out the facts. Then this Syed will jump up and down with his new found "evidence" to criticize and accuse others of being racist. People like Syed should stop being outside their box for too long because they lose sight of the real world.

    And by the way, given the over zealous hypocrisy and high handed actions of JAIS over the Damansara Utama Methodist Church dinner, why would you think a chinese will still want to adopt a malay child as suggested by Syed and then being accused later by JAIS (and probably Syed himself) of trying to convert the malay child to be christian or buddhist? Does this mean that the chinese are being racist? No, it only means that the chinese are being pragmatic which is something Syed cannot comprehend as he has spend too much time outside his (brain) box.

  23. Started by the British and continued by the present Govt for 50+ yrs. This racial thing is their policy. If the rakyat transformed to be real 1 Malaysia, then you can smell trouble will come to this Govt.


  24. The Chinese feels left behind in many areas, that is why they hit back by doing this CHINESE ONLY drama!

    40 odd years ago - if a Chinaman gets a II Grade for his MCE, he can forget of going for Form 6!

    A Malay just move in with ease and later goes to University!

    The Chinaman ain't got no choice but leave for overseas and study there with father, mother, brother & sister scholarships assistance!

    The BUMIPUTERA gets a free MARA loaned education all the WAY and a job waiting for him!

    The divide and rule policy destroyed what ever semblance of TRUE democracy but surely APARTHEID ala Malaysian Way!


  25. These are small mom and pop or ah moi and ah beng shops even though it doesn't excuse them. But how about the whole civil service, the GLCs and other government linked agencies who by design fill their organisations with only Malays? By the millions? In Sarawak, Petronas only recruit bumis into their organisation except some positions in the professional level when they can't get bumis. Is Petronas a private company or a public company? I rest my case.

  26. Yo all chinese! From the comments, looks like you guys actually support the ads. Excuse like malays are lazy, stupid, like to lepak, government quotas, bumi discount and incompetentency while they may be true and justified, is not the main reason you guys post that kind of ad.

    If really that is what you guys really meant, why dont just put "malay need not apply. You guys are stupid and lazy". You may want to leave the second part though.

    At least me, an indian can apply without feeling offended. Same goes to the rest of hard working non malays out there. We indians don't have the same privilege as the malays too, heck we are even smarter than some chinese. And we have an indian filling the no 2 spot in malaysia's richest.

    Win win right? No?