Sunday 18 December 2011

A disgusting Pemuda UMNO Video!

steadyaku47 comment:

Lita sent me this video. She asked me if I have seen this disgusting video...and my first reaction was to ask her why was she sending me something 'disgusting' but I stopped myself and told myself to have a look see at what that 'disgusting' video was all about.

Oh Dear God...are these Malays? And they think that what they do should be put onto the public domain? For what? To bring shame to us Malays? To Pemuda UMNO? To UMNO? 

Here they are showing the world the very personification of what Permuda UMNO do not want to be! Civilized they are not! Decent they are not! Sensible Pemuda UMNO members they are not! After this tirade I think they will all have to be responsible for their own orgasam for a while  - what female would want to get close to them?   

I can just picture KJ and Nori sitting down dumbstruck at the stupidity of HIS Pemuda boys setting themselves up for public ridicule because of this video! 

I am beyond can I be angry at idiots? Genius has its limits but stupidity does not!

But this is what UMNO has now become. A bully so confident when in numbers and more so when who or what they are threatening is a video camera! Put them in the same room with the same numbers of Indians or Chinese and see them wet their pants! Why not with some Malays? Let the non Malays whack away at these idiots...the Malays will wait in line!

This is what KJ should do. Apologize. 

This is what KJ will do. Feign ignorance of the whole matter!     
I hope I am wrong!


  1. Looking from a positive perspective, I'm glad that these idiots are proud to have their video on public domain. More and more people can now see their low morals and mentality. But that's UMNO dulu, kini dan selamanya.....

  2. hahahaha, gangter......... in video for all to see and judge...

  3. Wow! Panglima panglima perang ... melayu konon-nya. Hoi! Kasi malu ler.

    Kalau mau lawan, mai satu lawan satu la. Kasi malu ajer.

    korang ajar punya beruk UMNO.

  4. That's umno Malays for you...........I think most of them are from perkasa and pekida but then those two group are Umno's running dog.......let's hope this group of Malays is in the minority,otherwise mampus la melayu........

  5. With the Ketuanan UMNOputra Leaders still with their "Ali Baba" mentality using their "Anak Mami" Mat Rempits to show their Jaguh Kampung gangster threats...

    Very soon it will be turned into the United Mamak and Nana Organisation with the malay Ketuanan UMNOputras displaced and without a party...


  6. Not only did they "Ali Baba" thier gangster-ism to Anak Mami and Mat Rempit, arrogantly they also "ali baba" it to God Al Mighty!!!

    [7:28] They commit a gross sin, then say, "We found our parents doing this, and GOD has commanded us to do it." Say, "GOD never advocates sin. Are you saying about GOD what you do not know?"

    [16:90] GOD advocates justice, charity, and regarding the relatives. And He forbids evil, vice, and transgression. He enlightens you, that you may take heed.

    [25:43] Have you seen the one whose god is his own ego? Will you be his advocate?

  7. Its good to see them uneducated idiots in UMNO continue to make themselves look like a bunch of monkeys. Personally, I say please carry on making threats as this will enable the people to see the true colour of UMNO.

  8. Bersih2.0 and Himpun have proven these are small cowardly opportunists.

    They are only brave in packs like hyenas.

    But they will backstab their masters when another can can pay them more.

  9. Waah! Gemuk-nya si budak ini. Makan banyak, tidur lenyap... semua teman2 juga sama besar badan.. terima kasih UMNO untuk rezeki.



  10. All of us must not show disrespect to our Prime Minister and Chief Ministers.I am afraid the some political parties, send s... Birthday cake, are able to dish it out very well but get upset when they are on the receiving end.

  11. Holy lembuus! Is this supposed to be the 2nd echelon bunch of leaders who will be taking over the Bumno party leadership?