Thursday, 10 January 2013

Rafizi and company must understand that when the enemy is within range of his guns, so is he in range of the enemy guns.

For most of us this 13th general election is about change.
At worst we expect a plurality in the balance of political power in Parliament that would see any Federal government kept honest by a vigilant and effective opposition.
The business of the Opposition party is to oppose the measures of the government, to find out its defects and to expose them to the general public. The people in this way learn about both the sides and this enables them to form correct judgment on important measures. The Opposition acts as a watchdog over the activities of the party in power and helps in checking the abuses of power.
At best we expect the dawn of a new era that promises good governance by leaders who understand the responsibility that political power bestows upon them and are equal to the task ahead of them.
UMNO is where it is today - facing political Armageddon – in part due to the inherent greed of humans for power and money and in part due to our own irresponsibility in giving them the political power to indulge in precisely that. And indulge in it they have!
Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi and the component party within Pakatan Rakyat are where they are now – on the cusps of winning power in Putrajaya – because they provide us with a viable alternative to what we want to change – this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government.
In as long as the status quo remains, common sense tells me that the electorate will have had enough of an abusive Barisan Nasional government and give Pakatan Rakyat an opportunity to govern come the 13th general election.
What we see around us today are the desperate attempts by UMNO to shore up it’s last line of defence against a weak but determined Pakatan Rakyat valiantly surging uphill against an UMNO dug into the hill in trenches fortified by copious amount of cash, cash, cash and a formidable arsenal capable of decimating Pakatan Rakyat -  if UMNO gets it act together!
What we do not want to see is any weakening in Pakatan Rakyat’s resolve to take this battle to UMNO.
The relentless battle that started with the tsunami of the 12th general election must advance relentlessly or Pakatan Rakyat will fail in all the states they now control. Fail the trust we have place in them to be our proxy in this battle against Barisan Nasional, fail to secure our nations future for our coming generations and of course, fail themselves for there will never be a better time to take Putrajaya than now!
How can Pakatan Rakyat fail?
Let us cut to the chase and talk about what is current and what is relevant. There is no more time for recriminations or ‘I told you’ moments to gloat over. There is only time for taking care of business now!
For a start Pakatan Rakyat must stop shooting itself in the foot. The events of these last few weeks have made me wonder if Pakatan Rakyat has lost the plot
There is the mistake - whether deliberate or not – in the DAP’s CEC party elections. Dap handled it the way it should have been handled – an apology and with hand on his heart, promise it will never happen again and then it is back to business as usual. Done.             
There is the preoccupation of Pakatan Rakyat’s front line, headed by PKR, that insists on scrapping the barrel of gutter politics to embarrass UMNO. Rafizi and company must understand that when the enemy is within range of his guns, so is he in the range of the enemy guns! UMNO has more firepower, more resilient and more cash to nullify anything you can do to them- anything! It is like a boxer mindlessly hitting the heavy bag – physically invigorating but it does not prepare him for the actual fight! 
Yes you got Sharizat out of Lembah Pantai but for what purpose?  So that Nurrul Izzah could go against a more formidable opponent? Would it not be more strategic if the NFC exposures had been timed when it would do the most damage to Sharizat chances of winning in Pantai?       
Now we have this Deepak guy. Let us be clear on one thing. Deepak is no fighter for truth or justice. Deepak is a businessman using Pakatan Rakyat (read PKR and Anwar here) to try and get his millions back from a business deal gone bad. Deepak has a business agenda, PR has a political one and never shall the twain meet unless yo are UMNO. And we do not want PR to be UMNO! Kapish?
I cringe when Nizar came out with that RM$207 billion durian runtuh purportedly from the Japanese Government for those who suffered during the building of the Death Railway during the 2nd World War.
Now it seems that RM25 million was paid to the Malay led Barisan Nasional government for the benefit of its Ketuanan Melayu efforts. Let me ask you this…were not most of 30,000 labourers used by the Japanese mostly Indians? Damm…the Indians got shafted by UMNO again!      
But back to Nizar and his efforts to hantam the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government. Come on lah brother not even UMNO can hide a RM$207 billion payment! And Anwar, as the then Minister of Finance, should have just told us the truth instead of adding his own spin to the story. No discomfort there for UMNO – only PR left with eggs on their faces for being stupid enough to run with that ridiculous story!
And now more worrying for me is the tacit silence of compliance coming from the leaders of DAP and PAS at the antics of the self appointed strategists in PKR who put themselves in the front line of PR battles against BN.
Why the silence to what are obviously tactics that are far removed form the avowed ‘Reformist Agenda’ of Pakatan Rakyat? Are Kit Siang and Hadi complicit with Anwar in his overtures to Taib and Lajim because Sabah and Sarawak’s votes are required to put PR into Putrajaya? You cannot implement a Reformist Agenda with Lajim and Taib because for most of us these two are the epitome of greed, duplicity and what is wrong with Malaysian politic today!
It seems to me that as the possibility of being in government beckons, politicians starts to bend where the wind takes them. The thought of being in government and staying in government has corrupt and weaken the resolve of many once upright and outstanding men and women to the point that they are prepared to sacrifice honour, principles and sadly, their avowed duty to serve the people that elected them to office. All this many have done for power and wealth.   
May I remind DAP and PAS leaders that you will only continue to have our trust and our votes in as long as you understand that you must be the vanguard against the questionable ethics of PKR’s leaders – of Anwar Ibrahm in particular.  We are not comfortable with the manner that PKR has conduct itself in the past and yet we understand the need for Anwar Ibrahim to lead and for PKR to remain in the coalition. You DAP and PAS are to be the moral compass of Pakatan Rakyat. Fail us and you will fail in your march towards Putrajaya.


  1. Uncle, PR have gone arrogant. They think Putrajaya is already a done deal. The way i see it, even if PR takes Putrajaya nothing will change. It will still be business as usual = corruption & abuses.

    The ONLY way to whip PR back into shape is to teach them that we the people are no fools. Come GE13, PR needs to get a beating and only then they will learn.

  2. Unfortunately we do not much choices. It is either UMNO/BN or PR. If we give UMNO/BN another 5 years, they will become even more corrupt and the abuse of power given to them will be even worse. Right now all the government institutions are under their control which they will use against their opponents. Imagine, they can even get away with murders! Do you want such a regime to continue? I will give PR my vote for change. We can kick them out if they are no better.