Thursday 2 May 2013

A person who steals secretly is a thief. One who seizes something from you by force is a robber. UMNO is both a thief and a robber!

A person who steals secretly is a thief.  One who seizes something from you by force is a robber. Now imagine if you can that these thieves and robbers have no feelings of remorse or guilt, no sense of responsibility or conscience or shame in doing what they do and certainly not limited by legal or moral encumbrances. There you have it my friends, these are the very people we now have the misfortune to have as our leaders in government. This UMNO led Barisan Nasional government!

While you and I are encumbered by our conscience and concern for the welfare of others, no such encumbrances inhibit them. They crave power and money. Wealth and influence. And they are now in government able to do these things and anything else without limitations or concern for the well being of any one else but themselves!

I have, with great sadness and much anger, watched our nation become a nation governed by these thieves and robbers in the guise of Barisan Nasional politicians who steals not always secretly but always steals albeit without any legal encumbrances for they are in government! This UMNO led Barisan Nasional government!

It pains me so that these thieves and robbers are in the main, Malays. Some are Bugis, some Jawa, some Mamaks  and various nuances of ethnicity in between ….but in truth they are all coloured by the same ethnic brush….Malays.

There will be many who will say that thieves can also be found amongst the Chinese, the Indians and the people of East Malaysia. True but that will be a burden that these races will have to carry for themselves.

I am burdened, as I am sure other Malays will be, that these herd of thieves and robbers have long ago announced themselves to be our champions in our attempts to better our lot amongst others whose history started many thousand of years before ours. The Chinese and the Indians have a rich history of culture and traditions that dates back many thousand of years. We Malays are the new kids on the block in need of all the assistance we can get! 

These Malay politicians who are thieves and robbers have announced to all who will listen that they are the ones who have won Ketuanan Melayu for the Malays – a political concept emphasizing Malay pre-eminence over any others who call Malaysia their home. They further boasts that through UMNO, the Malays have dominated politically for over half a century.
If all this is true: That the Malays dominated politically for over half a century.  That the Malays have Ketuanan Melayu. That the Malays have 9 Sultans and the same number of Menteri Besars -  why then are the robbers and the thieves in UMNO today facing the 13th general elections with the real possibility of defeat staring them right in their face?

For sure this is not the certainty of defeat but the possibility of defeat – but nevertheless it is a possibility that cannot be ignored. Why has this happen?

These Malay political leaders in UMNO who are also thieves and robbers, tells us that Ketuanan Melayu is a work in progress. Our battered economy is a work in progress. Racial integration is a work in progress. After over 50 years of UMNO dominated government everything they do is a work in progress requiring more time to complete – at least another term in Government -  which is why the tell us that we must return them to government after the 13th general election. For of course, their plundering and pillaging of our country’s wealth is also a work in progress!

Of course Rome was not built in a day….but half a century is still not enough for UMNO to do its work of making Ketuanan Melayu a reality? Why? What part of Ketuanan Melayu still needs work?

Have UMNO been able to unite the Malays after 55 years in government? No! I am against UMNO. Anwar Ibrahim is against UMNO. There are enough Malays today who are against UMNO to make UMNO talk about internal reforms to make themself more relevant to the aspirations of these Malays. Our aspiration is to stop money politics and corruption in UMNO – but that is all UMNO do, TALK!   

Have UMNO been able to unite the various races in a non-communal UMNO? No! Racial politics is alive and well within the coalition that UMNO leads –the Barisan Nasional. Divide and rule using race and religion is the order of the day for UMNO!
The NEP (New Economic Policy) was meant to re-engineer the wealth of our society. Education, business opportunities and employment were all tools to be used to make the NEP a reality. Poverty was to be eradicated amongst all our people regardless of race - instead it was used and abused by UMNO for the financial gains of its leaders.

FELDA, RISDA, Ali Baba, Nepotism, Negotiated Tenders, Bumiputra Status, Cronyism, an IGP shot dead, corruption in the timber industry from Pahang to Sabah and Sarawak – these are all manifestations of what a government of thieves and robbers can and did do to our beloved Malaysia.

Bank Bumiputra is no more! There is no more work to be done there! Bank Bumiputra drowned under a debt of RM2.5 billion! And with the murder of BMF’S internal auditor Jalil Ibrahim, we lost our innocence to the vagaries of big business!  

To date there have been other ‘Bank Bumiputra’s’! All of them magnificent failures of epic financial proportions. Each bigger than the other! Each accompanied by the systematic plundering and pillaging of our nations wealth by UMNO thieves and robbers! And then that unique traditions thought of by these thieves and robbers to cover their tracks while making themselves more money – the bailout! And none made this into an art form more than Mahathir! And none profited more greatly from a bailout than his own children!

“This was a very interesting period for UMNO. There were failures galore - all and every form of failure that could happen did happen. There was systematic failure at all levels of government to understand the magnitude of the situation, from stripping the Malay rulers of their powers, using the full force of the ISA on the opposition, breaking up UMNO, looting the nation’s funds, antagonizing the West, full-scale bailouts of cronies, destroying the integrity of the police and judiciary to being a dictator. Mahathir could not see beyond himself."
Nawawi Mohamad

And that is why we are where we are today- back to my very first paragraph:

A person who steals secretly is a thief.  One who seizes something from you by force is a robber. Now imagine if you can that these thieves and robbers have no feelings of remorse or guilt, no sense of responsibility or conscience or shame in doing what they do. There are not limited by legal or moral encumbrances! There you have it my friends, these are the very people who we now have the misfortune to have as our leaders in government. This Umno led Barisan Nasional government!

Najib Razak is a class act by himself. Unelected, unprepared, unable to govern, under the thumb of Rosmah, unconcerned about his questionable involvement in the purchase of the Scorpene Submarines that led to the murder of Altantuya – this is an act all on its own the likes of which we have never seen before and hopefully, never see again!

Najib conjures up Transformation Programs not only on himself through APCO and FB Media but also on the long suffering Rakyat through his Economic Transformation Program that mirrors the results APCO and FB Media has achieved for him on the personal level – and that is the outlaying of many many millions of ringgits for no tangible gain! 

All that is left for UMNO to do now is to do a ‘Bank Bumiputra’ to Bank Pembangunan, the EPF, Tabung Haji and what other once revered Institution still left standing. There will be economic chaos, resulting in civil disorder and panic – and then UMNO’s work will be done!

As I have said before, for the Malays, our burden is more than the others for we have to bear most of the burden of guilt for allowing UMNO to pillage and plunder our nation for the past half a century. Now we have need of other Malaysian to come together and stop our nation from becoming a TPLCA – a Tin Pot Little African Country, if we are not one already!
This 13th general election cannot come any sooner. If you fail to do the necessary to ensure that we rid ourselves of this government of thieves and robbers  then what will happen if this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government is returned to power bears thinking. They will finish the plundering of Bank Pembangunan, Tabung Haji and EPF on a scale unprecedented in the short and turbulent history of our young Nation – and then Armageddon.

If you ask why, as a Malay, I now want to rid our country of this UMNO – the same UMNO that has championed the Malays since Merdeka, the same UMNO that has given the Malays the NEP, Ketuanan Melayu and have kept the Malays politically dominant since Merdeka, than I tell you that it is not because I love UMNO less, but it is because I love my country more! 
First posted January 2013


  1. Rid of UMNO? How? Are you eligible to vote?

  2. You can see clearly, I can see clearly, but many seems to be blind to what's going on in the country. It was with their blind support that these thieves and robbers can go on and on plundering the nation non-stop for the past 55 years. Many will go to the polls for "CHANGE" this Sunday. Hope these people will wake up and go for change too. ABU.

  3. Shortly before he was replaced, the Petronas chairman told us what the regime did not want us to know. The total paid to gomen at all levels in all forms up to 2008 was RM 620 billion. At a rough 30 billion a year, the figure will now be RM 750 billion.

    But that is just the official accounting. That about the decades-long contracts at low prices, especially for LPG? What about the unnecessary "agents" in the middle of these contracts? What about the awarding of "small" oil fields to MahaThief's son without tender? Why was YB LKS locked up shortly after he asked whether crude was being siphoned off at well-heads - even though he had immunity to ask this in Parliament?

    The crimes of this regime are beyond belief.

  4. Dear Encik Hussein

    At the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi leaders after the end of World War Two, the allies were amazed by how mediocre many of the Nazi leaders were. Only a handful such as Albert Speer were talented.

    Basically the Nazi leaders were gangsters who managed to grab power and made a proud, highly cultivated country (Beethoven, Immanuel Kant, Goethe, etc were all Germans) into a nation of

    We have crooks, thieves and racists ruling and running our country into the ground.
    Only a few (such as the Political Dinosaur) are truly talented.
    But then what is the use of talent if one has no conscience and sense of morality?

    Phua Kai Lit