Thursday 2 May 2013


These last few weeks I have noticed that by the time I wake up there are already about 600 clicks on my stat counter. My first reaction? Damm! Those guys must like what I write and what I post on my blog! They prefer my blog to sleep! As Zorro Unmasked says “DANG!”

Right now it is just past 7.22 am Melbourne time – that’s about 4.22 am in KL – you guys are three hours behind. I am watching Barca play Bayern live in the UEFA champion league and Bayern are leading 3-0. I have my trusty cup of Nescafe to keep me awake. I did have a quick shower at half time to wake me up and missed the first goal scored just after half time! Went to sleep at about 2 am last night so I am a bit groggy but ok  lah…and then it hit me!

What do I do when I cannot sleep? Read! 

What do I do when I want to go to sleep? Read! 

So steadylah Sein…check! 

Are they reading steadyaku47 because they cannot sleep and want to read something that will put them to sleep? If I read to go to sleep so do others! So what does that make steadyaku47…something to read to make you go to sleep!

Aiyah there goes my waterface! That is what you get when you are too full of yourself! Syiok sendiri ma! How can I even think that people would rather read steadyaku47 than go to sleep? Now I know that they read steadyaku47 to put them to sleep! Such is life!       


  1. Teeheeheehee! I wonder how many understood that? Thanks for the chuckles, Sir.

  2. Maybe you are right but you have the right balance of politics and personal touches. Perhaps one could compare it to a warm cup of milo or cocoa which is also a good cure for insomnia

  3. Just for your info, I like reading your blog because you are honest and witty. Also you don't belong to BN's thieves and pirates. Your writings unite the rakyat who want truth instead of divide the rakyat. You don't spew hatred/evil. Bravo, keep on writing!

  4. Melbourne and KL only 2 hrs difference . Please check lah

  5. anon 8:48:00 This is only the second mistake I have made in my life! First one was being born! Tqs for pointing that out to me. regards.

  6. After reading your blog, I felt reassured that there is a better tomorrow and thus have a peaceful sleep. Thanks and keep up the good work.