Monday 6 May 2013

Najib...Remember what you did in Perak AFTER the election? Well today is the day AFTER the election…

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak called for national reconciliation after Barisan Nasional won a simple majority of 128 seats in the 13th General Election.
“National reconciliation is necessary to weed out extremism and racism,” he said at a press conference held at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

The day after the election and the lying has already begun…or should I say continues!

Let me try to put it in a way that these idiots will understand!

You want to reconcile with Anwar Ibrahim?

You oust him as DPM, allow the IGP to whack him almost to death, imprison him for years, throw two sodomy charges at him and have treated him not with the respect he deserves as leader of the opposition but in the same manner as you have treated us all – with contempt and a complete disregard of our civil and human rights, with not a shred of decency or respect – and you now want to reconcile with Anwar Ibrahim?

You want to reconcile with Hadi and Tok Guru? Do you have any idea how the Malays and the people of Kelantan have suffered because of your refusal to give them their entitlement of royalties from their own oilfields? And you want to reconcile with them? Why…you think they are as stupid as you are?

And Kit Siang and Guan Eng…huh…do not even let me go there! If I were Kit Siang or Guan Eng I would by now be making bombs in my backyard to blow you guys to smithereens after the way you have treated them over the years! You jailed them under the ISA with impunity! You harass and intimidate them with an abundance that defies logic and you expect these two Chinese leaders  to still recite the Rukun Negara with reverence and pledged loyalty to this BN government? Huh! How stupid can you be to expect reconciliation with these two! As they say genius have its limits – stupidity does not!    

Najib the 13th general election is not yet over. Remember what you did in Perak AFTER the election? Well today is the day AFTER the election…watch your rear, flank, front, back ….anywhere that Anwar, Kit Siang, Guan, Eng, Hadi, Tok Guru …and the Rakyat..can strike! Do not forget that we still have that stone hidden in our hands! ABU!


  1. That is just what these Neanderthal thugs did to the Opposition leaders. What about the suffering of the people due to corruption, theft, incompetnce, jingosim and sheer stupidity?

  2. I think we should forget helping those people who live in longhouses and in Sabah. They certainly don't mind being trodden on, their ancestral land taken, the instant ic holders, etc. So why should people help them? Let them rot in poverty. As for reconciliation, what is that? Who started all those ketuanan melayu rubbish, balek china, kling, prostitute?

  3. Yes I agree with you steadyaku47.Najib have to remember the "after the election" things he did AFTER the previous election. Remember that Terengganu only have a simple majority of 2 seats and Perak 3 seats.And also remember Pakatan only need 25 seats swing from Sabah and Sarawak to change the government of Malaysia. Your "after election" ghost will haunt you from the very day you won your election through cheating, using government's machinery and government agencies,illegal 'citizen', media and every penny you squeezed from Rakyat to bribe the same Rakyat.

  4. Yes, we rakyat supporters of PR just cannot stomach the defeat. PR was openly robbed of the victory of GE13. I hope enough frogs would appear from BN (regardsless jump by conscience or being bought over)to topple the BN govt. If the rival uses a gun against us bare-handed to win fight, of course we need to counter the fight with a bazooka.

  5. I feel enraged that Altantuya,Teoh Beng Hock,Kugan etc still didn't get their justice given. These crooks still running the country & still want to play racial cards. What a dumb fuck.

  6. I think, hope this stays here, this GE13 is also abt mahathir. A lot of voters want to see him taken to court - we also want the abolishing of highway tolls, free education, to have Petronas a/cs opened up, how much has been 'borrowed' from EPF, how had been the repayment pattern, if any, so many questions, no answers. Is our national debt RM500bil or RM600bil or RM800bil or RM1 trillion? Without change of govt, we will never find out the truth. Those ppl who voted bn, what were they thinking? This elections is not abt whether you r chinese, he is malay or she is indian, it is abt wanting (so badly) accountability, transparency and integrity. Was RM7bil really wired to Cayman Islands, by whom and why? Is mahathirism really back? I think so.