Monday 6 May 2013

cakap cakap...Now I lay me down to sleep......

Ok lets cut to the's just past 2 a.m and I want to say what I have to say now. 

Kit Siang sudah menang in Broken Bangle! 

Our favorite girl again sailang another Minister in Lembah Pantai. Nurul Izzah rules! 

Ariff Sabri AK47 did ok in Raub.

And the mother of all failures - Berahim Berok happened as we hoped it did and Mahathr got a slap on his face! THERE IS A GOD AND HE IS ON OUR SIDE! Zulkifli Nordin now also knows that there is a GOD too - and good riddance to PERKASA!

Projections indicates we are ahead. Parliamentary seats : 45 seats for BN and 57 for PR! 

Our cup runneth over...almost lah!

Now I must to sleep. Esok should see in a brand new day for Malaysia, for our people and ...must not forget, for me too! Good night Malaysia!


  1. Too bad there is no new Malaysia, just the status quo. I am utterly disappointed. Now it looks like the rakyat continue to allow the thieves to steal from the national coffers, a blank cheque for the thieves to invite more toxic industries into te country, to name a few. Msia boleh!

  2. Pak,

    Sorrylah...impian tidak tersampai. Benar sekali apa yang dikata, PRU 13 ini adalah yang paling kotor dan jijik.

    Sebanranya, status quo yang diperolehi adalah satu kejayaan dari satu segi jika kita lihat bagaimana kotor dan ganasnya Najib menggunakan pelbagai cara untuk menang. Dari tindakan yang kotor dan ganas ini, sepatutnya Pakatan Rakyat kalah lagi terok.

    Apa yang kita lihat hari ini masih lagi mild jika kita lihat apa yang diktator-diktator lain buat kepada rakyatnya hanya kerana mahu mengekalkan kuasa. Ingat apa Pinoche buat kepada rakyatnya yang menentang beliau? Betul kita tidak pernah melihat apayang kita lihat hari ini..

    BUkan Pakatan Rakyat yang kalah tetapi yang kalah adalah rakyat. Kita tidak boleh buat apa-apa lagi jika itu pilihan rakyat. Mereka kena tanggunglah....

    Pakatan Rakyat harus membuat post mortem dan merangka bagaimana hendak bergerak kehadapan. PRU 14 lagi le ganas dan sesuatu yang unknown. Pemimpin-pemimpin utama sekarang perlu memikirkan bagaimana hendak menyediakan barisan baru untuk menghadapi PRU 14

  3. It is good to know that the young PKR politicians fared well and can now forge ahead.
    LKS has gambled well in broken bangle but more importantly shown his fine stable of up and coming politicians.
    Haris Ibrahim and the ABU eagles have made great inroads reaching the grassroots. The ops-Tahan squad have hopefully driven home the point that the rakyat will defend their stations over phantom voters and EC Gerry-mandering.
    As for the coalition that is PR, time to take stock of which candidates would have done better in place of many lost. Looks like Azmin Ali's jostling PKR seats have failed miserably. Time PAS reviewed their candidates too.
    And then there is this wee thing called Lahad Datu.......

  4. Did Azmin and Zuraida win their seats?
    Will TS Khalid Ibrahim helm Selangor for a second term?
    When will these finer details be made known?
    Time to invest in Penang and Selangor. Sky is the limit for these 2 states!

  5. Now Najib is going to be slaughtered within his own Party. BN lost overall seats. Najib in charge of Selangor did even worse. His blue eyed boy Raja Nong Chik got thrashed.

    Mahathir is in better position to go after Najib. Muhyiddin will go after Najib & Mahathir. 3-way civil war in UMNO will begin soon.

    Once the infighting in UMNO begins there are possibilities of migrations to Pakatan. 3 states likely to leave BN control are Trengganu, Perak & Kedah.

  6. How PR can win if these bastards continue to cheat by votes buying,fraud,bringing in phantom voters & EC siding them? And most importantly majority of rakyat still don't wake up from their slumber & continue to let these crooks plundering our country's wealth?