Wednesday 1 May 2013


We grew up together.
You and I
We share the same landmark, the same experiences.
We were born and raised in a very different Malaysia than that of our parents and of our grandparents.
The moment that defines us are distinct, individual.
We grew up happy, and hopeful, at ease with who we are and our place in society.
For so long our forefathers were preoccupied with the work of building a nation.
Roads and Highways.
Homes and schools.
Mosques,  and temples and Churches.
They were worried about keeping us together.
Happy and safe, fulfilled.
But Fifty fives years later we stand on the precipice of a new Malaysia. A Malaysia inspired by the hopes and dreams of our founding father. A Malaysia that is unafraid to boldly step into the future.

We grew up together
You and I.
You know me, you know who I am and I know you because I am you.
Because when I am not fighting the good fight in Parliament or speaking in front of thousands in the padang in the rain,
I worry about getting my children to school on time.
I think about putting dinner on the table and planning birthday parties and how to live a better life in service of one another.
In service of God
and in service of country.

We grew up together.
You and I.
We share the same dream
We are living history.
The selection…more young people will go to the polls than ever before.
In fact no generation not since independence has experience this much hope for change for a better, brighter future.
No generation in our history has had this much of a voice, no generation has had this much influence.
This generation,your generation.

So I ask you to help realize that dream that you have had for so long.

I ask you to join me to be on the right side of history.

Because we grew up together.
You and I.


  1. Come 6 May dawn - morning has broken (Cat Stevens)

  2. You are in your 60s, so am I
    You have grown children so have I
    But through your blog
    I have relived my life and experiences
    As if they are new
    Thank you for writing, for the songs and for the memories they bring
    Yes, we are in our sixties but our shared hopes and anxieties on the eve of this election make me feel young and hopeful all over again

  3. Anon 10:09:00 for your kind words a heartful thank will send me to sleep smiling...and thats not only because my wife is with me! regards.

  4. I'm in my early sixties.. I too am a regular reader of your blog. Many thanks for the highlighting the things you do...the memories of our distant past as a nation with great hope and the more recent things that have gone wrong... I pray for the hope to be reawakened...
    Cheers and all best.

  5. Dear Mr Hussein, mine was the LAST batch taught in English medium in school ( yes, I am fifty years young ! ) and I want you to know how much I appreciate your writings - and thoughts. I still wish we have in our midst people of your caliber IN Malaysia - would be happy to know some of YOUR friends. People who express himself not only in words but in music - when music is ACTUALLY MUSIC - am grateful that you share . But I love most of all that you write without being apologetic : when you blast, you blast ! when you shoot, you shoot ! Not forgetting when you are gentle, you ARE gentle...yes, I love it when you share about your sweet wife and family. May the Lord continue to pour His blessings upon you and your family. ( And hope YOU CONTINUE WRITING - remember us in your prayers too !)