Wednesday 1 May 2013

cakap are one, with me we are two. Who else will join us? The End for UMNO is nigh!

This is not the time to falter. All the work since the 12th general election has been for this moment in time! It will just be a matter of days before the nation decides. In Sabah, Sarawak and Semenanjung it would take a brave man who would be prepared to stake his fortunes on a victory for BN or PR. Take away the bravado and the bluster shown in public and what is left would be politicians who will go home to pray for divine guidance and assistance within the four walls of their hacienda! Nothing can save them now but God. And God have too many politicians to look after this week. Who will he favor? It is now too late to call upon ALLAH to come over to your side and too late for you to go over to ALLAH side for the die is cast. You have made your bed – now you must lie in it!

This is not Perak where the greed of humans can and did break a state government. This is not Lembah Pantai where 18,000 new voters may or may not make a difference as to who will be their ADUN. Nor is this  Sabah and Sarawak where corrupt Chief Ministers hold sway over the fortunes of BN as in 2008.

Inikali it will be different!

Inikali it will be different!

It is not the politician with deep pockets and large armies that will decide.  

This is the real thing. The people will decide!        

For Najib, Mahathir and the whole sordid political entity we know as UMNO, it will be a situation they has never been in before.

Imagine Saddam Hussein cowering underground in a hole waiting for the Americans to find him! He knows it is not if but when. Either that or death at his own hands.

Imagine Gadffi in his last hours of life hiding in a drain – no private Boeing 747 on stand by to take him to parts unknown,no Squad of Women warriors bodyguard around him, nothing but the thought of coming death swirling in his head.

Imagine Hitler in his bunker trembling at the options he had. He knows that he has to take his own life because the thought of capture and then having to answer for what he has done to Germany and to the World frightens him more that the act of putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger.

Now imagine what is now going on in Najib and Mahathir’s head! Muhyiddin can only gain whoever wins or lose – it is Najib that worries for he, amongst all others, will be the first who will have to answer for what UMNO has done to our nation and to its people!

As for Mahathir, despite what you may all think, he is NOT quaking in his boots with fear. Mahathir does not know fear! He is too stupid to know fear! If only he had the presence of mind to ask himself the same question he has asked of KJ and Nazri….“Siapa dia Mahathir?” the answer will not be one he will want to hear!

I do not think Mahathir fears losing the fortune his family now has – there are just too much and too many stash away here and there for any court to flush out.

I do not think Mahathir fears being put on trial. He may even relish the opportunity to cross swords with those who will prosecute him on behalf of the government of the day.

Mahathir is a brave man – brave as any man can be who has always had his way and think that that will never change! He relish a fight with any one – UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat anytime. He loves the attention and he loves being the center of attention - the man you like or dislike.

What this arrogant and self centered old man will not want is to be ignored –ignored by UMNO, ignored by the government of the day and ignored by the media and people of a nation that he was once emperor of. Ignored by you and me! This man cannot stand rejection! Ignore him and he will wither away!
Inikali will not come too soon for us. I know that having waited for so many long years the thought of having to wait for another few days may seems almost impossible to bear. Sabar! Our time is nigh. ABU!   


  1. Grabbing the last straw .... UMNO dying breath ...

    Apakah ungkapan pemimpin UMNO saat-saat mendengar pengumunan kekalahan teruk mereka didalam PRU13 ....

    Kalau Gentleman .... " the people have decided, we have lost and we accept the defeat"

    Kalau Samaseng ...... " we will arrange to have the swearing ceremony tonight with the Agung as we are selected by the people"

    Kalau kelu lidah hendak berkata ....." mana ROSMAH, tolong abng mah, kita dah kalah, cepat pulang cincin kalau tidak pasti kita masuk jel ..."

    UMNO famous quote ....which will it be

  2. Me! I am flying back to KL this evening. Voting in Lembah Pantai. That Raja Nong Chik guy can do all his bullying to our future PM, Nurul but come 5 May, we the voters will show Raja Nong Chik the door.

  3. Cik Hussein,

    On the other hand I would think that Mahathir is now having shit-break. There is a law called Anti Money Laudering Act or AMLA, which can be used to freeze all his and children's money and investment and properties as long as the the suspicion arises that these wealths are the proceeds of commission of any of the scheduled list of of fences defined in AMLA, of which corruption is one. The process can drag on for years, and this along would financially cripple the whole family of this Mamak now pretending that he is not worried, and challenges that he be arrested and tried.

    I think once PR wins, this Mamak and family would be in real deep shit.

  4. Sir, I came home a week ago and bumped into some Gasing friends at Raju's. It was comforting to hear they are still LP voters despite having moved here 8 years ago. They support Nurul and plan to linger in Bangsar after voting to campaign with old neighbours! Wow! People power!

  5. Anak Gasing,

    So Raju is still in business? I was staying in Jalan Gasing Lima (I think if my memory serves me right) so I can also lay claim that I am also a Gasing guy! Regards. ABU!