Friday 10 May 2013



  1. Encik Hussein

    This Mahathir-endorsed fascist was
    rejected by the people of Shah Alam
    (my electoral district) by over
    10,000 votes !

    We re-elected the PAS candidate,
    the moderate Islamist Khalid Samad.
    I voted for Khalid Samad too :)

    Shah Alam is overwhelmingly Malay.
    When my wife and I go to the Shah Alam malls, often we are the only Chinese around. So, Mahathirism was swept out in Shah Alam by a "Malay tsunami"

    Power to the People!

    Phua Kai Lit

  2. pleasuresWhatever happened to Sakmongkol AK47's blog? Any idea?

  3. Phua agreed - but PKR's problem will be Azmin.

    Major- his site has been hacked - some delay until he could rectify the situation.

  4. I really don't understand the rest of Malaysians (around 50% of them), esp. those in Sabah & Sarawak, Perak too being the 3rd poorest state, or is it Kelantan (no oil royalites, damn) - even if their IQ is below 90, surely they shld realised why umno ppl,cronies so super rich, and they, got nothing.
    Can't even shit in a proper WC, no clean water, no power, no buses, no proper roads, nothing except mother nature.
    Why after half a century, these people tak boleh fikir? Is it their fate to remain backward, poor, hopeless, bleak future?
    For those voters yg boleh fikir, how can any sane person stare at the high massive mudderfucking humongous corruption and still vote BN? Takut orang Cina, why tak takut no food on their dinner tables? I still haven't figure them out. Maybe in 5 years' time the answers wl be revealed.