Saturday 4 May 2013


rumbling in my head

if you think pakatan is not corrupted,you are an idiot.
If you think barisan is clean,your are a freakin moron,
if you think spr is fair,you are all of the above.
We are screwed.

Vote for the lesser evil and they will become evil soon...what a gamble,vote for the devil and hope they will repent soon...gila ke,either way we are screwed.

I say....
We vote for the lesser evil and gamble,
at least i am not crazy,
ini kali lah !!!!!

steadyaku47: Setuju bro! Inikalilah!


  1. Whether PR is a lesser or bigger devil I don't care. I just want change. For sure, PR do have some crooks in it but we still don't know who are they but for the rotten regime that ran the country for 55 years I really cannot find one that can be called a gentleman with integrity and principled.

  2. Umno became a 'devil' the moment Mamathir become the Prime Minister. He is the one who corrupt the whole party with cancer and now the party is beyond redemption.

    Before the real Malays PM are very good.