Sunday 5 May 2013

This one 3 buses Sungai Siput mari punya!

One special request...tolong cakap Bahasa or English sikit lah...translate ma... so that kita pon boleh understand! 

Aiyah sometimes you Chinese make my blood boil a little bit lah...just  a little...we all already upset with Najib so don't upset us some more! If not just like watching the Indian films lah....once in a while we hear some english words..."Special Branch" ....."Yes"..."No"..."alright"....Jangan marah ok!

I know that I heard you guys say "mana datang punya...and then "balek balek" but that is not enough information! We want more! ABU!


  1. Pa Cik,
    For your benefit, they were essentially exclaiming that it is real then that aliens are being brought in, two busloads! No wonder the locals are taking action.Media people are also present. Where are these aliens from? Go Back go back. Two buses here and another one there.

  2. These 2 Amois exclaimed, the foreign ppl are here. Oh, see, 2 buses, already arrived. Aiyoh, they got out of the buses.