Friday 3 May 2013


I have never liked Rosmah! Not even for a brief moment. I have had the misfortune of being in the same room with her only once and that experience alone gave me more than my fill of that women. It is not polite for a gentleman to talk ill of any women however deserved but for Rosmah I will not be a gentleman and I will certainly not be polite! Better to be called ill mannered for my tirade against her than to lie to so many others. For if truth is to be said, never in the history of our country has so much venom and bile been directed against one women or for that matter, any man!     

Not even Mona Fandy, pop singer, witch doctor and murderess! Even Mona Fandy had her saving graces. She smiled, dress well and was disarmingly charming to everyone right up to her execution in November 2001 at Kajang Prison.    

Not even Imelda Marcos! Even Imelda's vanity and excesses were somewhat muted by her beauty. We have always been tolerant of dumb always has the ability to make us more accepting of a lady's failings.

Alas Rosmah has no such saving graces. Not even witty conversation. 

Rosmah gives divorce a good name, and she almost makes us accept that having another wife is understandable if your first one turns out to be a Rosmah.

And she, above all else, would be about the only reason that most of us might be able to have some sympathy for Najib - the long suffering husband - but then that is what you get when you screw around with somebody else's wife - as she was then when she met Najib!

Every other wife of our past Prime Ministers has been held with much affection and love - everyone except Rosmah.

Is it deserved?

Why the hate bordering on contempt? Why do so many of us feel disgusted with her antics - a disgust we would normally reserve for evil step mothers and young aspiring actress, models and trophy wives who marry into money and nothing else? The answer lies in her inability to understand her role, duty and responsibility  as the wife of our Prime MInister.  

Lest I am called a cad I must confess that she does have one saving grace! Yes even Rosmah has one! She keeps Najib on the path of the straight and narrow! I have yet to hear of Najib playing around AFTER he married Rosmah...before marrying Rosmah is another matter! Of course we do know that Najib is doing so on pain of DEATH - political and physical death - should Rosmah even hears of his intentions to be that way inclined! 

Oh yes one other thing about Rosmah...She is the greatest living argument against human cloning. She and Mahatir lah! 

Why all this venom again from me? This latest pic of her imperial manner set me off this morning! Enough said!



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  1. Hi. I've been following your blog since about a month.

    Would like to know are you malay? your english is very captivating. I couldnt help but to read the whole thing. I wish I have the same skill.

  2. Look at the disdain on her face! You men(ooops!) can really be stupid! Hahaha. I hope your sense of humour is still intact... Oh, by the that why the poor Mongolian beauty got C4ed?

  3. She got an evil look. Better get rid of her soon.

  4. Of course she has to put on an air as the (self claimed) FLOM she thinks she's above everyone else in term of status. I am waiting for the day to see them being prosecuted in a fair justice system for their role in the Atlantuya murder.

    1. Totally agree with you. Let Altantuya torture this fat pig until she begs for forgiveness for making her 2 children became orphans & the cruelty of the way she was murdered. I believe God will know what to do with this murderer.

  5. Good morning Encik Hussien,

    I totally sokong your feelings for this woman after reading all that she had done for as long as the stupid husband had been Prime Minister of Malaysia.
    I would describe as "Blind Adulations " the pic. showing the man kissing her "dirty hand " "Dirty hand" for what she had done to the poor mongolian beauty.
    " Stupidity and ignorance personified " is how I would describe those who queued up for their turns to have a lick at those dirty hand of this evil woman . One only hopes that these people go home and sanitise their mouths and lips after touching the hand that is so tainted with sin.

    Thank you Encik Hussien for keeping us informed all these months and years of what is going on in our beloved country Malaysia.

    May you keep well and stay warm as the weather in Melbourne is getting cooler and colder every day.


  6. On the 6th May SNOW WHITE Altantuya will receive the reviving kiss from her long slumber ....

    It is a day of resurrection for the wrong doing by ROSMAH MANSOR the evil witch who was never satisfied with the answer she receives having asked " who was fairest of them all " - having found out SNOW WHITE Altantuya was the fairest and was her husband secret lover ... ROSMAH the evil witch did what the the FAIRY TALE writer wrote .... took th elife of the fair and lovely SNOW WHITE .... but the dastardly crime was not to go unpunished... on the 6th of May the day she was C4 .... her murderer will be set free and will be singging like never before pointing their C4 fingers to the ones that had instructed them to carry out the evil deed ....

    SNOW WHITE Altantuya will have her day .... and the evil witch FLOM will no longer be heard from ever again ....

    Of course in this story the evil witch FLOM will liver forever after with her sordid husband in JAIL

  7. In response to that disgusting picture:

    The one who did it is a dog. The undeserving one who accepted it is devilish.

  8. Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have it thrust upon them. - William Shakespeare, 12th Night

  9. Encik Hussein

    One kind of personality disorder is
    called "narcissistic personality disorder".

    It is very difficult to cure this !
    Even by highly-trained psychiatrists.

    Phua Kai Lit

  10. Oh, Che Mah Che Chot, even the Permaisuri Agong refuse to teach you to count. She would rather be the second lady!!

    Good night from us all who will vote soon, this time for the country. Remember, Umno thrives on stupidity. We have to deprive Umno of its fodder so it will starve to death.

  11. Assalamualaikum,

    Sekiranya anda adalah Islam dan Melayu, kurangkanlah menulis perkara yang menghabiskan kehidupan kita di dunia. Lebih baik berdoa supaya mereka diberi petunjuk dan hidayah. Mereka juga adalah manusia yang diciptakan oleh Allah yang bersifat lemah segala-galanya kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan melaksanakan tanggungjawab demi keredhaan Allah. Marilah bersama-sama berdoa yang menjadi ibadah supaya kita semua diberi petunjuk dan hidayah. Kesihanilah diri kita yang dikongkong oleh syaitan. Sesungguhnya manusia berada dalam kerugian kecuali yang mengerjakan amal soleh dan berpesan pada kesabaran dan kebenaran. Wallahualam.

  12. She has the right profile for the role of the wicked queen who disguised as an old hag in the tale of Snow White - yes, the witch who gave a poisoned apple to Snow White, the fairest of them all.

  13. You are but one of those charecter smearing bloggers. You gave no evidence but jst mumbling beating around the bush. The pic has nothing to do with Rosmah!

    The guy is the one to be blamed. Rosmah is jst accepting the salam. Or shud she turn away the salam.

    Yu filthy peanut brain!

  14. do the right things....wake up