Monday 6 May 2013

Who is Anwar to say that he will not accept the results of this 13th general election?

Who is Anwar to say that he will not accept the results of this 13th general election? 

Who is Kit Siang or Hadi to to decide that this 13th general election has been won by Barisan Nasional? 

Are they all not my leaders? And if they are my leaders then listen to what I have to say!    

I do not accept that Barisan Nasional won this election fair and square. 

The Rakyat do not accept that this election was won on a level playing field and that the best team won. 

Any rational right thinking Malaysian must now ask themselves how is it possible that this 13th general election has been paid for by the Rakyat's money to benefit Barisan Nasional and Barisan Nasional only? 

How is it possible that that this Barisan Nasional have been allowed to bribe Taxi drivers to vote for Barisan Nasional through the giving of tires gratis?

How is it that billions in Ringgits have been simply handed out - supposedly to help the most deserving of our people - through BRIM 1 and 2, through bonus and various other means by this Barisan Nasional - all to buy votes for Barisan Nasional!

You may ask if this UMNO led Barisan Nasional cheats and buy votes, why then did they lost in Selangor?


Imagine if this election was fought on a level playing field?????   

So I want to tell Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi again that it is not for them to say that they will or will not accept the results of this 13th general election. I do not accept it. The Rakyat do not accept it. And if Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi are our leaders....then they too must not accept the result of this 13th general election.   

The battle to regain what we have lost in the 13th general election begins today. 



  1. We lost Perak to BN. The results came out late because of the last minute black out at various vote-counting centres in Perak. Apparently, BN were losing when the sudden 'black out' happened. After a recount, they won! Can you imagine, ballot boxes were still arriving at 1 am!

  2. tqs Bro...hv made the adjustments. ABU!

  3. sebagai rakyat yang ada hak untuk memilih pemimpin saya pun terasa banyak ruang untuk berlaku penipuan dalam pru masih tidak di perbetulkan
    macam mana wa(warga asing) berani pergi ketempat mengundi - macam mana mereka tahu pusat mengundi ada nama mereka disitu macam mana nama pengundi boleh dipotong sebelum tuan punya badan pergi mengundi dll

  4. Yes, at the crucial moment BN purposely created blackout to cheat, but they have no means to blackout the news of their cheating.

  5. Bro. Hussein,

    You are not alone, I do not accept the GE13 results too after seeing so much fraud and cheating.

  6. Yes, we rakyat supporters of PR just cannot stomach the defeat. PR was openly robbed of the victory of GE13. I hope enough frogs would appear from BN (regardsless jump by conscience or being bought over)to topple the BN govt. If the rival uses a gun against us bare-handed to win fight, of course we need to counter the fight with a bazooka.

  7. Curse these crooks & bastards to hell. Let's pray that retribution & bad karma will fall on them soon.

  8. I have waited for change for so long and was disapointed when it did not happened. One feller took his own life I was told but I did not see any report anywhere except from a retired journalist so I cannot vouch for that. But I saw a lot of tears of sadness.
    Next election I will be 73, hopefully young and not old. I want to celebrate the change.

  9. Want to share this report with you:

    We need more people like Husam on the PAS/Pakatan team. Why was he not selected for the executive council? The Sultan and Nik Aziz should step in and use their good influence to include him, as not including him would cause a lot of damage to PAS image to the general public.
    Remember, good men are very hard to come by, you lose him, you lose the battle !!

    Husam scoffs at 'sultan rejection', conspiracy claims
    2:51PM May 8, 2013

    PAS vice-president Husam Musa says he does not believe that his colleagues in Kelantan PAS had conspired to get him off the Kelantan executive council, nor that the sultan has anything do with it.

    In a press conference to pacify his supporters last night, Husam said that as Muslims, one's struggles must be for the religion and for God, and not for positions or selfish reasons.

    He, however, added that he is "a little hurt (sedikit terguris)" that he was not formally informed that he had been dropped.

    "I must record that I am a little hurt as my friends did not inform me... If a liaison committee meeting was called and I attended, and a new line-up can be presented and we can give our support, so no explanation will need to be sought because it was arranged well," he said.

    NONEHusam (right in photo), who is the Kelantan PAS deputy commissioner, added that Islam has a tradition of consensus when it comes to selecting a leader, starting after the death of the prophet, and ignoring it could cause supporters' distress and conspiracy theories.

    "But I believe my friends do not have an agenda against me... We have slept under the same blanket, so I don't believe they would rip up my blanket. I don't accuse them and I do not believe it; I cannot accept it.

    "And do not blame the sultan. The sultan is a fair person, so don't link him. If my name is not in the list, don't put the blame on the Tuanku... If you don't want to appoint me, then don't, don't blame the sultan of this and that," he said in a recording of the press conference uploaded to his Facebook page.

    He was likely responding to a text message alert by Utusan Malaysia, quoting new Menteri Besar Ahmad Yaakob as saying that Husam was dropped because Sultan Muhammad V did not consent to the matter.

    200 demonstrate to support Husam

    Despite Husam's bid to "calm (his) supporters", eyewitnesses claim that some 200 people had demonstrated in front of the state secretariat building to show solidarity with the ousted leader.

    Eyewitness Mohd Zulhazmi Hassan told Malaysiakini that the demonstration lasted about two hours - starting from 9am today - and appeared to be an impromptu gathering without any speeches or banners.

    "I believe this was a people's movement," he said.

    Zulhazmi - who is part of the movement to demand oil royalty for Kelantan - said he was only there to observe the incident, noting that most who demonstrated were tahfiz (Quranic studies students) and farmers.

    The demonstration took place although Husam had last night issued a statement for his supporters to remain calm.

    Additional reporting by Salhan K Ahmad.