Wednesday 15 May 2013


My disgust and contempt for Najib and UMNO remain unabated. There have done nothing in the 13th general election for me to think otherwise – if anything they seem to take their corrupt and arrogant ways to a new low that only serves to confirm that if anything is to change in our nation, it will not be Najib or UMNO. But surely we do not want Pakatan Rakyat to sink to UMNO’s  level? Surely there are more responsible and rational leaders within Pakatan Rakyat? 

I wish I could believe that Malaysian will come out in their hundreds and thousands to throw out this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government! Anwar Ibrahim and the rest of the gang can dream. What do you think Najib Razak and gang will do? Roll over and play dead?

There was a right way for PR to take government during the 13th general election and yet PR could not get the numbers to back them up and now PR expect to garner the numbers by whipping the people into a frenzy against Barisan Nasional? How many hundreds of thousands will keep turning up at PR rallies? How many days do you expect to keep them on the streets?

Let us try to understand a few things,

Take the Philippines and Indonesia. We hear all the time about how western countries are embarking on this aid program and that aid program to help these two countries – everything from caring for babies to taking care of their education, the sick and the elderly. We see documentaries about colonies of their people eking out a desperate living on rubbish dumps. We hear about babies from these two countries being given up for adoption by families no longer able to feed themselves what more another baby. There are wars being fought in these countries by armed groups roaming the country side inflicting havoc and death on the local population. Their people are everywhere seeking work of the laboring kind and their women work as maids all over the world. All this is happening in the Philippines and Indonesia because there is extreme poverty in these countries. Their governments are not able to look after their own so their people have to look elsewhere to earn any kind of living.

Why do we NOT have these things in our country? Do we have colonies of people living off rubbish dumps? No we do not! Do we have Malaysian in their thousands working as maids and labourers elsewhere? No we do not! Are our people prepared to have their babies adopted by western countries? No they are not prepared! Are there armed groups of militia roaming our jungles terrorizing the local population and killing them? No they are not!

In Thailand sex is an acceptable way of earning a living by many thousands of poverty stricken people so much so that Thailand now has a Sex Industry worth US $5 billion annually. The South Thailand insurgency have caused thousands of death – it surpassed 3000 in March 2008 and it is still increasing. Malaysia does not have these kind of problems. 

Yes we have poverty. Yes we have unemployment – but these are all manageable. There are really no pressing reasons for our people to seek regime change in a violent way. Of course there are disappointment and dissatisfaction in the manner that this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has been running this country – but these feeling are not intense enough to make them want to seek regime change in any other way than through the polls.

Are there people who would want to overturn this government by violent means – for sure there are – but not enough to give the authorities any problems. The Riot Squad can handle the situation and there is always the Army on standby if needed.

So that is why I think what PR wants to do is doom from the start. Doom because it is not what the people want.  It is what Anwar and a few Pakatan Rakyat diehards wants and there are simply not enough of them to make it happen. Anwar and Pakatan Rakyta cannot ask the people to fight their battles for them.

What do I think should happen now?

I would like to hear Najib Razak categorically state that UMNO did not buy any votes. That UMNO did not use any pendatangs or phantom votes to get votes go UMNO way. That UMNO did not have any assist from the Election Commission to win the election.

Then I want Pakatan Rakyat to prove him wrong – if not in the courts then go direct to the people as they did when campaigning for the 13th general election. Have enough faith that the people can think for themselves and that they can decide for themselves whether to believe Anwar or Najib – to believe PR or BN. This is a responsible way for us to move on towards the change that we all want and it would be a step in the right direction for UBAH.    


  1. Sir,

    PR needs to consolidate its gains and so does UMNO. The Black 505 will soon end. It is not easy for many who have sacrificed sweat and tears to see their victory being hijacked by UMNO using various tools, legal or illegal.

    UMNO seems to moving to the extreme right, so the Black 505 is a way to show fellow Malaysians that it is indeed a multiracial crowd. This is an important message to send to the whole of Malaysia.

    Anyway, like your title "Keep calm and carry on". Will do as advised.

  2. PY Wong predicted pre-PRU13 that BN will win election (via fraud, gerrymandering my own word) and that later, Malaysia will go bankrupt. Then only when people suffers that they awake and only then may positive changes happens.

  3. Asking the head thug to state anything "categorically" is like asking Japan to apologise for war crimes - irrelevant.

    It is precisely because Malaysia has so few systemic troubles that it is attractive for capitalist plunder via "investment", "intellectual property", etc.

  4. Yes, our level of poverty hasn't reached that of some Asian countries, but we aren't far off. Our national debt has reached an unimaginable level and the govt doesn't seem to be doing anything to reduce it. In fact, they don't mind raising the level. What then? The rakyat, meaning those who understand the seriousness of this, don't want the country to go down to that level where people scavenge for food, that's why there is this call for change.

    Also, who says that Malaysians don't go out to work? There are thousands of Malaysian illegal workers in other countrie.

  5. Just want to share this video:

  6. is this photo real? These guys are they so stupid only counting but not take a few bundles for themselves. Come on honesty is not the best policy here

  7. Brother Hussein, I just wanted to share this nice commedy on Malaysian Parliamentarians. Hope you can embed it on your blogsite.