Sunday 5 May 2013

“Since we know there will be fraud, we must remain vigilant. Everyone must go vote early and after that, keep watch at the polling stations. Stand guard, Chinese, Indians, and Malays, stand guard, please,”

“Tomorrow, we bankrupt Umno!” 


  1. So while tun kutty flies off for "medical" reasons, his minions will do their damnest? Waiting to see how long these rempits last without hand outs!

  2. Since it was such a long queue to vote, strangers talk to each other to kill time. A 59-yr old chinese woman kept shhhhhhh-ing me whenever I uttered something against corruption. It's really pathetic, after 56-yrs under BN, ppl are afraid to voice out and be heard. Why can't we criticise these politicians in public? Who the fcuk call these crooks,thieves n robbers VVIP are morons.
    Anwar will win big tonight!!!!