Wednesday 15 May 2013

cakap cakap...Pakatan Rakyat

I don’t really care what anybody says..Anwar Ibrahim is NOT the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Najib is! And he has already been sworn as Prime Minister and if Najib is smart enough he will just sit back and let Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat run out of steam with their road show to have Anwar Installed as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Better to do that than to unleash PDRM or the Army upon your own people.

Apart from the hundreds and thousands of PR supporters that have been attending these rallies Anwar must understand that there are millions and millions more who are really tired of what has been thrown their way in the months leading to this 13th general election. Tired not only with PR but also with BN. Is it not time that BN gets on with the business of government while PR take their responsibilities as the Opposition seriously? Time these bloody politicians start doing some other work than campaigning!

With all the monitoring done by Pakatan Rakyat and NGO’s  - how many Bangaldashi’s were caught voting fraudulently? In the thousands, hundreds or was it a case of catching one here and another one there?

Pakatan Rakyat talk about fraud and irregularities in voting – okay get all the facts, call a Press Conference and put everything in the public domain so that we can make our own decision on whether what you claim is true of lies!

We do not want the kind of PC called by Azmin recently. How many more times are we to going to see this Azmin Ali telling Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakayat to go to hell? Can anyone in Pakatan Rakyat tell him to just sod off – we know Anwar cannot do so…so who can in Pakatan Rakyat? No one can? And you expect people to vote you guys into government? Please lah…get your house in order first before you want to take over Putrajaya.

I am not here to debate the irregularities of the 13th general election. I am not here to argue that with 50.6% of the votes it is Anwar not Najib that should be Prime Minister. To me what matters is now that the 13th general election is over what comes next. And I say this because BN and PR went into this election with their eyes open. They knew what was at stake, they knew that the popular vote will not win either of them government - only a majority in Parliament will because ours is a parliamentary system. I do not doubt that both sides will do what it must to win government. Both sides would bend the rules to get the people to vote for them - what differentiate PR from Bn is the extent that PR are prepared to push their case - what seperates them is a matter of degree. BN has the money,has the logistics and the political will to do more than PR.     

Najib went into this election devoid of honor and the respect of many Malaysians but he can now look back at the things that he did and say that it has resulted in the victory of BN.

DSAI distinguished himself throughout the campaign by making his case for government direct to the people but threw all that to the winds after his loss at the election by embarking on this irresponsible attempt to wrest government from a duly elected Barisan Nasional.

All that we have worried PR will do if they take government they are doing now! Always it is about the self never about the people. Always it is what you guys want not what the people want. Carry on like this and for sure you will continue to play second fiddle to the UMNO led Barisan Nasional.




  2. Didn't think you would give up just like that. Who is tired? Not me. And if you think dsai is doing it for himself, think again. He doesn't HAVE to di it. He is doing it for me and many others. WE don't want to give up

  3. It cannot be business as usual. That would mean the looting of the country's resources, the cover ups, the disposing of rivals without accountability. How easily people are deceived. Just because election is over, we ll see a new dawn, the ministers and kak ros will miraculously change over a new leaf and the rakyat will live happily ever after

  4. Hello Old Man, you are sitting in a foreign country and if u aint interested in the welfare of the big majority here that VOTED4 PAKATAN but were ROBBED by UMNOBN/SPR then I suggest YOU keep SHUT and stay OUT.
    Steadyaku47 is no more steady. It's on shaky grounds.
    Please take a rest and get your strength in order if you want to enter this ring. We are fighting with UMNOBN the THEIVES who were assisted by SPR to ROB US the rakyat of our popular to be government@ PAKATAN RAKYAT.
    We will taker to the roads oif UMNOBN is stubbornly refusing to accept the peoples wishes.

  5. Ini bukan soal melayu, cina, India, Dayak, kadazan. Kami tak tahan lagi dgn kerajaan yg CORRUPTEd Dan buat tak tahu yg dia CORRUPTED. Selama ni, tk ada masalah dgn cina ke, India ke , semua buat kerja masing2. Kebencian wujud apabila menteri tu ambil 250 juta, menteri ni ambil 30 juta, kroni ambil duit tabung tentera, kawan2 rapat para isteri ke London ke Paris ke Australia ke Dubai seolah2 duit keringat orang ramai duit bapak dema.
    Kalau nak cerita pasai kelemahan Pr memanglah ada. Salah pilih orang, bertindan kerusi. Macamlah umno tk ada. Memanglah pr tk perfect tapi dgn segala rintangan yg mereka hadapi, banyak yang mereka atasi. Kerusi nurul umpamanya was won by sheer brute force utk melawan penipu2 at the last minute. Berapa Kawasan yang dapat dipertahan seperti ini. Di tapah, calon pr di humban keluar Oleh polis. Media yg berat sebelah boleh lah dilawan. Polis, SPR yg berat sebelah nak lawan macam mana. Rakyat mengharapkan akhir2nya polis Dan SPR bersikap adil kerana takut kpd Allah, tapi terbukti mereka takut dgn Umno saja

  6. Wow En Hussein, you got it all wrong. You cant feel nor understand the pulse of us Malaysians who are fighting for democracy. We are tired? Yes..tired of injustice, tired of a corrupt and racist BN-UMNO govt....Lawan tetap Lawan! Ubah!

  7. Husein abd hamid -you have to be an umno crook for othwerwise no one can talk like you. The decent rakyat does not need like you.

  8. Tired? yes, very tired of all the corruption, fraud, blackouts, intimidation by the police, and the blind eye of the SPR. You expect us to take it lying down?

    First of all, the use of indelible ink is to protect from cases of multi-votes. When the so-called 'indelible' ink did washed off effortlessly, the credibility of this election is questioned. This alone should make the election null and void. Will we see justice prevails after the election results were gazzated? I have serious doubts. Where will we go from there? Let's see, until then, the people need to know that all is not in vain hence, the necessity to have this 'Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat' thing going on. Both sides have their game-plan, let's see who will fall.Come to think of it, the 60,000 majority earned by Teresa Kok is worth 3 more seats, what about the rest? Pandan deserves 2 seats, Kapar, 2 seats, Puchong 2 seats,Serdang 2 seats,Kota Raja 2 seats, Kelana Jaya worth 2 seats, Subang is woth 3 seats. These from Selangor alone will make BN pee in their pants, when take Perak into count, it's game over brother!