Wednesday 1 May 2013

Why you should not get too confident and too full of yourself....!

Ok guys..time to Chill...a bit of comic relief from the election madness. Let us say that the well built, confident, arrogant guy in all white is UMNO. He is strutting around the ring looking for anyone who would dare to get into the ring and fight him. After a few minutes there is one guy who dares to take on UMNO...not as big, not as well built and certainly not as good looking as the UMNO watch what happens! Enjoy!


  1. Pak, the scaremongering machinery has started working. Now that the race and religion angles have been played, they are due to play the royalty angle. A call for "National Emergency" will force the public to stay home....exactly what BN wants us to do.
    Looking at how BN has always used hantu voters and devious tricks under the sun, I cannot help but wonder if the opposition actually won the previous GE! The shock and last minute ministrations of the incumbent and EC altered the final figures for states with narrower margins.
    First amendment once PR take power is to fire the EC! Amin?

  2. Is this going to be like Anwar-Najib fight?