Wednesday 8 May 2013

Nurul did not flinch, did not run and never wavered in her own conviction that she will prevailed.

I write for many different reasons. 

Sometimes to articulate what I think you all are thinking, discussing, arguing or even agreeing about. Sometimes it is to try and remind you that it is not always what is in front of us that should be taken as kosher but that "ada udang di sebalik batu!" 

Sometimes I write to convey the messages that our chosen leaders want said...and sometimes to expose what these same leaders have not said....but always I am the messenger - not the news. Today I want to write about what has transpired these last few days. About UBAH, Najib, Anwar, Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

Najib could not take back the two thirds majority that BN lost in the last 12th general elections.

Najib could not take Selangor back.

Najib lost more seats than Pak Lah.

And yet Najib won the 13th general election with an emphatic margin of 40 seats.         

Let us start by accepting that fact - however painful it might be. Everything else is academic.

The alleged fraud and use of money to buy votes, the collusion of the EC to favor BN, the thousands of alleged phantom voters and the numerous complaints and adverse comments and reports that has emerged to damm this election - for all of them there is a process to go through before the authorities can question the validity of the 13th general election. That process, however tainted, cannot be circumvent. We elected the government that put that process in place. Maybe we now know better the need for us to elect credible and responsible politicians to manage our country's affairs but for now the business of government must go on.

What is next? 

The post- mortem are still being done but somethings are irrefutable. The biggest losers are MCA and PAS....though some of you will beg to differ and will insists that it is Raja Nong Chik!

The election was for Pakatan to lose and lose it they did because of the race card. Although almost two millions Chinese voted for Pakatan Rakyat, the Malay critical mass voted for UMNO. They voted for UMNO because the DAP juggernaut spooked them into doing so. We shall discuss the correctness of this assumption at another time but the figures will bear out this fact - that the Malays voted to keep UMNO in power. 

What of the Indians? Fifty percent believed that Najib's last minute deal with Hindraf was kosher and they voted for BN.   

Sabah and Sarawak was already BN just hours after the close of polling on Sunday itself!  

Now where do we go from here? 

Short of creating havoc and mayhem through streets demonstrations ala the reformasi days Pakatan Rakyat should consider becoming part of the process of government responsibly - the only way to go - because anything else will have dire consequences not only for Barisan NAsional , our country and our future - but more critical, the start of the CHANGE and UBAH that we so passionately want and have been put in place by the results of this election.

Perkasa is no more. Perkasa is no more because Najib agreed to allow Mahathir to have his way - Zulkifli Nordin and Ibrahim Ali to stand for election with the total backing of UMNO! We know that Ibarhim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin will be rejected by the people! Now if we know do you not think that Najib knew? And if Najib knew why then did he allowed those two to stand for election under the auspices of UMNO? Because that was the only way he could have rid himself of four birds with one stone - Zulkifli Nordin, Ibrahim Ali, Mahathir and Perkasa! No are you getting my drift......this Najib is not as stupid as he looks! 
There are other issues and matters to be looked into but for now I think it is imperative that we understand that there is a process for all of the things that we want to happen -the alleged fraud, use of pendatangs to vote etc. Let the process begin and let Pakatan Rakyat be part of the process - not work outside or against that process. 

BN and PR are now at Par - politics has now irrevocably change - hopefully for the better. 

We now have a new shining light within Malaysian Politics. Nurul Izzah.  Barisan Nasional threw everything, including the kitchen sink , at her. Nurul did not flinch, did not run and never wavered in her own conviction that she will prevailed. Again another Minister bit the dust. She reminds me of Clint Eastwood asking his detractors to "MAKE MY DAY". 

Let us build Pakatan Rakyat future around our youth. You ask me what would Nurul Izzah be without Anwar? Why don't you ask yourself what Nurul Izzah can be with Anwar by her side. Think what Nurul Izzah can be for  Pakatan Rakyat at the 14th general elections - for surely the time will come when that will happen! For now there is already CHANGE in the way things are done. Barisan Nasional ignores this reality at their peril. Everything else is academic.  


  1. BN leaders are now condemning the Chinese for their "poor showing" even though they had won. Will they say the same thing if the strong Chinese supports were for the MCA or Gerakan? Or can we also condemn the Malays for giving their strong supports to UMNO like they are condemning the Chinese now? Just because this time the Chinese were more united to support an opposition party, all sorts of racial comments were directed at them. The Chinese alone cannot cause them to lose the popular votes. Instead of blaming others they should instead ask themselves why they did badly. I used to support BN during Tunku's rule but not now. Why? They should try to figure out why more and more people are leaving them instead of blaming others for their own mistakes.

  2. Nurul is the shining star in PKR. Hopfully she can lead PKR to greater heights but my main worry is in politics there are always people who will be jealous of ones' popularity and success and will sabotage to bring him or her down. Although still young at age as a politician I hope with her intelligence and guidance from her famous dad and mom she could be able to overcome all obstacles that will befall her in time to come on her way to the top. I wish her all the best. And hopefully, within my living days, I can see this woman PM in Malaysia - Nurul Izzah.

  3. I will only agree that the Malays voted for UMNO if you can analyse out the stats for Peninsula Malaysia alone and leave out Sabah and Sarawak. Without East Malaysia, how many percentage of Malays voted for BN, how many for PKR? Are the stats available?

  4. How many ways you look at it, the Malays, Chinese and Indians united and voted against a corrupt regime. Statistics already show this clearly. It was a Malaysian tsunami !

  5. Sir,

    Somebody has already done the hard work in analysing the results.

  6. Just ballpark figures:

    BN 5.3 mil votes(incl. phantom votes, etc)
    PR 5.6 mil votes (genuinely secured)

    Let's say, hypothetically, 10% of BN dapat votes are not 'acceptable', after discounting dat, it means BN got only 4.77mil votes versus
    PR's 5.6mil. Clearly, PR won GE13.
    Don't read MDigest, it's very pro-bn, very lopsided.