Monday 6 May 2013


Dear friends: I won't be turning my FB image black because I do not feel defeated in the slightest. We did not get the results we had hoped, but we won the popular vote and the moral victory.

Over 5 million of us voted for change despite opposition candidates not having access to the mainstream media
PR retained the richest states in the country, Selangor and Penang

We got rid of racist extremist candidates like Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali

Nurul Izzah won against a candidate who had way more money and influence within the Federal Government

And many more (perhaps others can help collate the reasons we can stay positive)

How can I feel defeated when I saw the best of Malaysians - Malays, Indians and Chinese who came out to vote for change?

How can I feel defeated when I saw the millions of people throughout the country come out in rain and shine to show their support at opposition ceramah's where there was no food and no money being dished out?

How can I feel defeated when I know that there will be a greater checks and balances within Parliament because we have empowered the opposition?

How can I feel defeated when the we ensured that BN only got a simple majority, sending them a strong message that they cannot continue with Business as Usual?

I do not agree that we need to be in mourning. We are neither defeated nor diminished.

To go black or feel defeated would be to tell my 72-year old mum who waited for 2 hours to vote, or my dad who went in a wheelchair to vote, or for the millions of old and young people who moved mountains to cast their vote that we failed, and we didn't.

For me, we won in the ways that mattered the most.

Chin up my friends :)


  1. Totally agree. PR did not loose. BN won through fraud, in particular, with the connivance of EC where last minute ballots were included in the count, for example, in Bentong following a blackout.

  2. That's Bentong, what about Segambut in Johor - they had a black-out too. The 'people' polling agents and volunteers did a good job in their lookout for suspicious voters - Bersih will next watch out for black-outs in GE14.

    By the way, the candidates happened to be either BN or another opposition party which ENABLE the voters to easily choose opposition - so it IS wrong of the person who said it is a Chinese tsunami ! It would have been CORRECT to say that the majority WANTS CHANGE !

  3. It was an urban tsunami and the statistics support it. PR did not make enough inroads with the rural community.
    It was also a serious salvo to PAS to lose Mat Sabu and Dzul Ahmad, the liberal voices within.
    It's the death of MCA and that idiot pornstar knows well enough LTL is the new man the Taikohtais want at the helm. Yes the black out in Bentong was necessary because LTL was losing badly. How can MCA have a president-elect lose to newcomer Wong Tack?
    Good riddance to CJM. Don't come back.
    Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali were convenient pawns for Tun Kutty to slip in sonny boy into Kedah MB. Convenient distraction too considering everyone fell for the ruse.
    The phantom voters were expensive....RM500 upfront, 3 star hotel and food for their services and RM500 when they returned. Let the pictures and videos show them!
    It would have been worse had it not been for Ops tahan, the ABU volunteer squad, the voters defending their home turf and the many cameras that caught incriminating scenes.
    For once, I agree with what A. Kadir Jasin wrote. Read it carefully.
    Let the Tribunal begin!

  4. Dear Faridah, i must say that i would very much want to share your optimism, but much as i try, i have a feeling of defeat. And as i slowly come to reconcile your optimism and my defeatism, i got a further jolt when i read that Utusan Melayu came up with the headlines on their front page..'Apa lagi Cina mahu..? Sigh... just how many more 5 years do we have.., by which time the rest of the world would have been miles ahead of us...!

  5. The regime corrdinated (as seen on TV) and continues with its racist vitriol, focusing this time on Chinese citizens. In fact, Chinese can decide the outcome of very few seats. It is ALL Malaysians of all walks of ife decied to oust the ganster pirates, but we were cheated in a thosand ways.