Friday 10 May 2013

It's the season to be hopping.....SHANGHAI FISH

I could not have written this any what to do have to say thank you to Shanghai Fish and post his post here. Thanks shanghaistephen 

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013

I knew this would happen. I even saw this coming a day after the GE13. I've watched this thing before back in 2008. This crazy hunger for power. Even before the GE13 I had said that the government who had ruled us for over 5 decades know how to play the game really really well. They are champions. And they would have made the perfect Opposition for accountability and transparency. They were masters of the game....and they have 57 years of experience to bank on.  For them its the numbers game and they desperately need the numbers !

They can smell the weakness of a person who is not in the limelight but who has found a new position and  power.  In other words they can smell a weasel or a rat 3 and a half kilometers away. They know what makes this rat weak at the knees. They know his excesses and will go straight to exploit that weakness. They go for the jugular....and they won't miss.

So out comes the cheque books and the negotiations cum offer is hastily "up-ed and up-ed"to dizzying zeros to 'own' that sellout's soul. The rest is irrelevant. In the meantime excuses are conjured up to justify the turn-coat's shameful action. Tell all and shame all is the name of the game. And the turn-coat comes out smelling like roses to the owners. 

You might want to ask who suffers most in all this numbers game ? You, of course my dear friend, you who had supported and cast your vote and even went on to defend this now turn-coat's integrity in some political argument  in a pub swearing he would not sell you out. You might even have wagered to cut off your ears and jump in an aeration pond in your neighbour-hood trying to defend his credibility.  You stupid sod ! You've been had ! 

And I've never had anything nice to say about this weasel ever in all my postings. Call it "gut" feeling.
So how now my friend ? Hahahahaha !

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  1. Not only that, soon they wl post a new sex scandal against DSAI. Timing is everything. They wl make sure our friend never become PM.