Thursday 9 May 2013

cakap that the election is over!

On Wednesday April 3 this year I made a commitment to unconditionally support Anwar until the day after the elction - that day has long past and today I write again about Anwar Ibrahim. 

There have been many people, this writer included, who have made the decision to support Pakatan Rakyat for the right reason and Anwar Ibrahim for the wrong ones. 

We supported Pakatan Rakyat because we have had enough of a corrupt and arrogant Barisan Nasional. At best we wanted Pakatan Rakyat to win in this 13th general election and govern our nation in place of Barisan Nasional in the belief that Pakatan Rakyat  can do better than Barisan Nasional. At worst we wanted to put in place a strong and viable opposition able to provide the checks and balances required in a democracy to keep the bastards in government honest. 

We supported Anwar Ibrahim in spite of our misgivings because we felt that he would give Pakatan Rakyat its best shot at winning the 13th general election. Our misgivings was based on the Anwar that we knew from his time as DPM and his time in UMNO. We had hoped that Anwar would have changed his ways. 

What he said to the 100,000 people gathered at Stadium MBPJ in Kelana Jaya last night indicated otherwise.

First he was preaching to the converted. After the election it would do him more good to try and reassure fence sitters like me that he will not abuse the trust we had placed in him to lead Pakatan Rakyat whether in government of the opposition. He should then forthwith start work in trying to secure the support of those who are not with Pakatan Rakyat - to turn the tide against Barisan Nasional. And he could start doing this by exposing any voting irregularities during the election in a professional and proper manner that will leave no doubt in the minds of these doubters that Barisan Nasional did cheat to win this election.

He should then get on with the business of government in the States that Pakatan Rakyat manages. For starters in as far as PKR is concern, the business of who should be Menteri Besar of Selangor should be resolved. If I may be so bold Dato' Seri, anybody else but Khalid would mean that once again you have f@*k yourself up!            

Then there is the business of being in opposition - a tedious but necessary element in any vibrant Democracy. Despite being the biggest component in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, Lim Kit Siang has graciously (or should I say common sense dictates!) offered to step aside and support your appointment  as Leader of the Opposition. Reciprocate Dato' Seri by taking that position responsibly and lead Pakatan Rakyat not into an immediate potentially bruising and robust confrontation with Barisan Nasional but towards taking Najib to task for the voting irregularities in the recent general election in Parliament and  in any other appropriate platform available. 

But maybe this is all a big ask of you Dato' Seri. Already you have committed Pakatan Rakyat to an impossible task! Taking government from Barisan Government not through the ballot box (which you have already failed) but through harnessing the anger of your supporters into a force that will wrench power from Barisan Nasional - and you say that you will not stop until you win. 

With respect Dato' Seri I think our people have had their fill of politics. Let us get on with our lives that have been put on hold for many months because of this 13th general elections. We would prefer politics to be like a good fridge - once bought we want it to do its job of keeping the food fresh for a good many years. Would it be asking too much to ask if BN could get on with the business of good governance and you, Dato Seri in Opposition, get on with the business of keeping them honest and accountable for the things they do in government.         


  1. I can understand your support for Anwar but you have evaded important facts of the internal bickerings within PKR.
    "Azmin dah nak keluar PKR." This has been simmering for 5 years and is a reflection of Anwar's poor management of the party players. The trend is there; Azmin will not be the first to exit PKR. Lest we forget Ezam, Nallakarupan and other ex-PKR-ex-BN mateys who did a 180 on him. The fact that there is a faction about to deliver a killing blow to the already suspect election results does not bode well for PR.
    But PR will bounce back.

    Question is: will Anwar?

  2. anon may I suggest you go to my blog and in 'search' type 'Azmin Ali' and you will see that I have written many many post - none complimentary - on this Azmin Ali. As for "Will Anwar bounce back" ...well if he can bounce back after mahathir gave him a King Hit and the IGp almost killed him...anything else is a pin is whether Anwar himself wants to bounce back! He decides not anybody elses!

  3. Sir,

    Appreciate your contributions. Any idea why Sakmongkol AK47 is inaccessible?

  4. Absolutely. Move on. There is much to do for 2015.

  5. Dato Ariff's blogsite has been hacked. Please refrain from attempting to access it. I think in attempting to get in I may have inadvertently picked up 3 suspicious-looking malware and cannot get rid of it...yet.
    Tried AVG and now trying with Kaspersky.
    I am no IT person so advise to counter this is appreciated.
    You may want to up your blog defences Mr Hussein.

  6. Thank you too Anak Selangor for your timely warning on sakmongkol blog - tried to access too but gave up because it was too slow - infact i was surprised that Steadyaku is faster..

  7. I disagree. Many pakatan supporters were so crestfallen, it was as if all hope for reform in the future was lost. In fact there were even rumors of suicide the day after. But, when Wednesday night came, the hope came back again. I thought having rallies again was not a good idea. But Wednesday night proved to me otherwise. The fight must go on - in whatever shape or form