Sunday 25 January 2015

cakap cakap....Daim.

You think Daim is quaking in his shoes worrying about threats of sex tapes of him being put on Youtube? Huh! I would think that the moron or morons who are thinking of doing that should be more worried about Daim coming after them rather than the other way around! Aisehman that guy has got enough money to go after you, your family, your next generation and the generation after that if he wants to - and he has enough money to do all that even from his grave!

As for allegations of past corruptions against Daim....please lah...why tell me something I already know?


What can a video of him doing anything - sex included - do to this old man? 

He has no morals to lose. 

All the respect that his money has bought he will not lose because money trumps everything else. 

What about friends and family? Where will he be able to hide from them for shame? 

Huh! Friends and his family will close one eye and shut the other when it comes to keeping on to the good side of Daim no matter what Daim has done. Remember this man has money pouring out of every orifice of his personal self!

What about his political clout with Umno - will such a scandal diminish his political reserves amongst Umno leaders and the rank and file? If Isa Samad, Rahim Thambi Chik and  a host of rogues, liars and thieves are still amongst the ranks of Umno leaders, why should Daim worry? If anything Umno would be looking towards Daim the same way they went back to Isa and Rahim for these are the leaders "whose experience" Umno needs. 

WIll it create problems for Daim and his present and past wife/wives and girlfriends? 

Can any of the Sultan of Brunei many wives or ex wives create any problems for him? Answer that and you will know that for Daim, wives, or to be more exact, finding wives, would have the same degree of difficulty as you and I will have whenever we want to find an excuse to give to the Mrs every time we feel like not doing the dishes....zilch! Hell some of you have never done the dishes so you have no need to even think of an excuse. The same for Daim! He never has and never will have problems of those kind. That's what having money does for you!

And as for Najib going after Daim because Daim support Mahathir....have you forgotten who wears the trousers in Seri Perdana? One "boo" frm Daim and Najib will wet the skirt he is wearing! 

Leave the guy out of politics. He is a businessman through and through and politics is just a distraction to him. A distraction that still does not distract him from doing service to the nation and its people while he was with the government - and if he feathered his nest while doing so, so be it - what he did pale in comparison to those who came before and after him.  

As for there being a move by all to oust Najib.... just consider this - who in his right mind does not want Najib out? Everyone is acting out of their personal belief that this idiot has to go....and I am sure Daim is no different....and there is no need for Daim to show his hand. Mahathir is doing ok by himself.  

Leave him be...he is doing what any old man with plenty of money will do.....enjoying life and doing things he enjoys doing. And if that include having sex with young girls what business is it of ours - he is no longer in government, he is no head of any religious authority, he does not claim to be a champion of the Malays or anybody else......leave sleeping dogs alone! 

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