Saturday, 10 January 2015

cakap cakap....F M Zam.

Comment from F M Zam to my posting : "SELAGI HIDUP BELUM SUDAH.....LAWAN MESTI LAWAN" (astute observation of what I do and what I write) and my reply. 

F M Zam

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By now Charlie Hebdo has become a household byword and I will say it here that you would certainly agree if I put that Charlie Hebdo can be a two ways phrase you can answer a question on what has happened to Islam and the Muslims in one Tweet, simply by saying my quote based on the incident:
" When the Muslim-haters did a Charlie Hebdo to Islam, the Muslims did a Charlie Hebdo to the haters!";
of which the different meaning of Charlie Hebdo has been illustrated vividly by the incident in Paris 3 days ago.

As to your call for "Lawan mesti lawan" I found it vague that you Pak HH, of all the people, is calling for it. Why? Because as I read it, as much as I can recall that you Pak HH, have been doing "Charlie Hebdo" on Anwar, Rafizi, Eminent 25, PKR, PAS, DAP, Pakatan Rakyat, etc, on all them champions of the "Lawan tetap lawan" until I don't know who you want the right cheer leaders for the rakyat to rally on to fight a struggle for a government of good governance. It's very difficult to fight a battle when first, you have to ready the weapon instead of using that weapon, then it's like saying if you don't have the weapon then don't fight, but you're worse still you ask the rakyat to fight with bare hands! Salam.
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FMZ u expect a government of good governance to come from Anwar, Rafizi etc etc......PERISH THAT THOUGHT! My support for them is not unconditional as their support for me too is not unconditional. The "lawan mesti lawan" is my reminder to myself as I falter from time to time. Blogging is hard work.

What I tell those that read what I write is that if we are on the same wave length then maybe we can make a difference to how Najib and Anwar conduct themselves and the parties they lead.

As for the effectiveness of my "call" to "lawan mesti lawan" I am under no illusion that my audience is of a size that could trouble Anwar or Najib.....or anybody else.

You reasoning as to what I write is noted and requires for me to respond tapi hari ni sabtu....esok ahad....kasi chance aku rehat sikit lah.. .....but your comments have set my mind to work and I know I will be cursing you late tonight and sunday night when I will be working on my reply rather than sleeping! Salam kembali!

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