Friday 23 January 2015

Bloggers are driven by what the rakyat think is right or wrong. We call this PUBLIC OPINION.

It is a truism to say that in these days of the Internet and our access and use of the social media as a tool to serve our own ends, we are now empowered to act as judge, jury and at times executioner of anyone who inadvertently gets in our way - for something even as uneventful as when we get up on the wrong side of the bed. What this means for politicians and those in public office is that out there on the web, there are many of us whose avowed life work is to keep you bastards honest! 

Whether we are gainfully employed in these endeavors (i.e. cyber troopers financially rewarded by persons unknown from parts unknown!) or we do so from a passion born from our beliefs that someone needs to keep these bastards honest (highly unlikely!)  - suffice to say that between the devil and the blue sea one would have to find ones own niche and be comfortable with that choice.  

The debate rages as we bloggers write but what should be obvious by now to these bastards is simply this  : If you do not go our way, you pay! 

Yes this is bloody unfair.....but that is the way the cookies crumbles! 

There are enough of us bloggers out there to allow you to chose a "way" that resonates with you and by the same token there are enough of us out there to "hantam" you for any "way" that you choose. There is no right way and no wrong way....not empirically! 

But here is the sting! 

If enough of us bloggers think it wrong then it is wrong...and if enough of us think that it is right, then it is right.....because we are driven by what the rakyat think is right and what they think it is wrong. 


As mark Twain said : It is held in reverence. It settles everything. Some think it is the voice of God. The public is the only critic whose judgment is worth anything at all.

So what are bloggers now writing about? What is the rakyat now thinking about?

Two words : Rosmah and Najib....arguably in that order! 

Everything else that is happening in our country and to our country can be directly attributed to what these two do, what they say, how they conduct themselves in their private and public lives!  

Go google them yourself and read what we bloggers write about these two idiots and you know what the rakyat think about them! 

Here are some pointers to  start you in the right direction:

And then the Murder of Altantuya would have something to do with the revulsion the rakyat has for these two:

and of course their private use of public property !

I can go on listing the abuses of these two but I have not had my morning coffee I will desist. As for you all out there in bolehland I must insist that with your Nasi Lemak, your Yow Chow Kwai or your Tosai....please google Rosmah and Najib and give us  bloggers a few more clicks on our sitemeters and allow us some "syiok sendiri" time contemplating how many of you out there will click our way! 

And "YES" Mahathir understand PUBLIC OPINION!
Mahathir knows the natives are restless!
Najib is DEAD MEAT!  


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