Thursday, 1 January 2015

Eminent Malays?

I am amused at all this fuss over a group of distinguish and "eminent Malays" issuing an open letter to Najib demanding that he shows leadership in the face of intolerant right wing groups because these bigots and religious extremists " clearly have low standards, are poorly educated, intellectually challenged, incapable of seeing their own racism, intolerant, blindly obedient and are destroying the fabric of our country’s society".  

I do not doubt the depth of their concern for the future of our nation nor their commitment to be the catalyst for change but are not these "former director-generals and secretary-generals of various ministries and government departments, a founder of the National Heart Institute, several former ambassadors, a former court of appeal judge and a retired military officer, among others" all part of the problem while they were in office?

And now that they are retired and no longer privy to a share of the gravy train  - like some  politicians, ex-ministers and even a Prime Minster or two who are also out of office - they all seem to have a twinge of regret for things done under their watch and for their own reasons and probably peace of mind (because what can they effectively do now that they are out of office?) they got together to write an open letter to Najib telling him that extremism and intolerance would wreck asunder the very fabric of society that now binds Malaysians together. 

Surely they are doing too little too late to have any real impact upon this Prime Minister of ours.....Najib Razak!  The same Najib Razak who is clueless to the fact that it is he, not Rosmah, who wears the trousers in Seri Perdana and Putrajaya! 

And I can hear those amongst you that say "better late than never!". Well may you say that but surely our real hope for change lies amongst our young - not from open letters to Prime Ministers written by "eminent Malays" whose claim to be "eminent" are questionable.

There must surely be more than 25 eminent Malays around! Who dubbed them "eminent? "Would that not be like calling High Court Judges "learned", JAIS "the defender of Islamic morality and (maybe this is stretching things a tad too far), Umno as the champion of the Malays! Huh! Those "learned" Judges in the High Court are not beyond being the running dogs of their political masters. JAIS does to Islam what a bull let loose in a shop that sells China would do to the China! And as for Umno being the champion of the Malays...perish that thought! A Malay would be as insulted as an Indian who is told that the MIC is their champion and as insulted as a Chinese who is told that the MCA is theirs!    

Eminent Malays indeed! Hell one of them has already resigned from that "eminent group" of 25! What would 2015 do to the two dozens left. Why not these eminent Malays quietly turun padang and go and educate the masses on the ills of our society and the arrogance of those in government and public office. The Rakyat will listen - Najib will not.  

For me the work to be done to make Malaysia "whole" again will have to be done by the not too distinguish and not too eminent Malaysians....all of them...not just the Malays! 

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