Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Daulat Tuanku? I think not....again!

Early...very early this morning...I posted "The Immoral moral guardians of Islam in Malaysia""
in which I questioned the self appointed moral guardians of Islam in Malaysia as to why they do not go after the high and mighty who offend the moral tenets of Islam. 

Amongst the examples of the high and mighty I mentioned as having offended the moral tenets of Islam is the Sultan of Pahang. When HRH was the Agong he had an affair and fathered a child. The lady in question is Cooper Assuncion Deanne and their child together is Carla - who got  married recently. 

Deanne sent me the following comments which are self explanatory. Read and make your own conclusion in this matter. More to follow: 

  • Cooper Assuncion Deanne All these bunch of s***t going on with all the high profile & the high and mighty of Malaysia should be visible and be re-investigated by
    the Malaysian & Religious authorities rather, the poor girl just attended and enjoying a KPop concert... Gosh.. Really stupid and hypocritical bunch of crap!!!
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  • Cooper Assuncion Deanne What about investigating the issue of the Sultan of Pahang's adulterous act in 1980, while he was the "Agong" & at that time married to the late wife Sultana Afzan, then impregnated and coerced, Yours truly?
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  • Cooper Assuncion Deanne Does he truly have a "remorseful good heart" by discriminating his own blood child with me by not letting my daughter get near to him and his advisor mentioned; that "HRH has nothing to do with her anymore? Now, find out a true answer, does he have a pure & golden heart?
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    Cooper Assuncion Deanne The father (HRH) should be the first person to protect my child from mocking by his own children in Malaysia by calling Carla a "Bastard Child". Ain't they all have the same % of blood from the father? I can forgive HRH of what he did to me but, when it comes to my dghtr, that, I could not allow....
    It is truly very hurtful for me as a mother & made me so outraged beside everything. Where is their respect?
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