Thursday 29 January 2015

An Anwar Ibrahim in Sungai Buloh is stronger ethically, morally and politically than a Najib Razak in Seri Perdana! Anwar Ibrahim stayed because Najib is not a worthy opponent to run away from.

Will he or will he not go to prison?

For most Malaysians Anwar's guilt or innocence in the sodomy of Saiful is no longer an issue that concerns them. 

How can it be a concern to them when their concept of right and wrong, good and evil, honor and dishonor and everything that they hold dear and in reverence of,  have been throughly bastardize by the very people who now wants Anwar Ibrahim to be interned yet again for a crime that pales into insignificance when we take into consideration the murder of Altantuya, the fallout from the inevitable failure of 1MDB and the many deaths of those in the custody of PDRM - and that is to just name of few of what this Barisan Nasional governement can be held accountable for.  

Which nation, what legal system and why would a Prime Minister and an Attorney General amongst others, concern themselves with what has been done to the anus of Saiful?

Before we concern ourselves with what has happened to Saiful's Anus, there are more pressing matters to be addressed.

We are disgusted that our courts have found the two UTK operatives guilty of Altantuya's murder without going into the reason why they would want to murder her! Why did those two UTK operatives kill Altantuya? The courts may have done the bidding of their political masters by finding those two guilty but they have done so in such a manner that leaves many Malaysians to question, not for the first time, the integrity of the Malaysian legal system.   The public will not be placated by the verdict of guilty when so many questions about her murder still go answered.  

What is insulting to us all is that the government led by Najib Razak expects us to believe that justice is being served by the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim. 
  • We believe Najib's swearing in the name of ALLAH that he had nothing to do with Altantuya in the same vein as we believe that Mahathir's children became rich through their own efforts! 
  • As we believe that Barisan Nasional politicians and their Ministers live within their means.
  • As we beleive that what Jakim and Jawi does is for the betterment of Muslims and Islam. 
  • As we believe that Taib Mahmud insane wealth has nothing to do with his position as CM of Sarawak.
  • As we believe the veracity of what the three datuks accuse Anwar of doing when one of them, Rahim Thambi Chik, is a padeoplhile whose rape of an underage Malay schoolgirl has gone unpunished by any government or religious authority.
And this list has not even begin to scratch the surface of what this Umno led Barisan Nasional government and its Prime Ministers, Ministers and other functionaries have done in the name of government!

What Anwar Ibrahim has done while DPM and FM during his BN days are no less and no worse than what any other DPM, FM, Ministers and Prime Ministers of this Umnno led BN government has been doing before and after him. 

For most Malaysians Anwar Ibrahim is the public face to channel their contempt, disgust and disdain for the Barisan Nasonal government headed by a weak and clueless Najib Razak. 

For most Malaysian if/when Anwar goes to prison it will be another blatant attempt by the Barisan Nasional government to manage the legal system of our nation for their own political ends. This attempt could prove fatal to Najib Razak's position as PM and in the long run, prove fatal to Umno's domination in Malaysian politics by the next general election. 

Anwar's Ibrahim decision to not flee Malaysia in the light of his certain incaceration is a bold and courageous decision, a sacrifice maybe, a gamble even - for without doubt Anwar knows that this may be the final roll of the dice that will decide the fate of his own political ambitions to lead the opposition into government. But if you were to view this in the context of our nation's short history and the future that such a sacrifice promise, I would think that you may begin to understand why Anwar made the decision to stay and face a corrupt and arrogant government rather than to go into comfortable exile. 

Anwar Ibrahim has stayed because Najib is not a worthy opponent to run away from.

Anwar Ibrahim in prison, in solitary and kept away from family and friends but still in Malaysia is more a threat to Najib Razak than an Anwar Ibrahim in exile elsewhere. 

From prison Anwar Ibrahim can still hear the roar of dissent against the Najib led BN government.

From prison Anwar Ibrahim can still lead that movement for change and add his voice to the crescendo of voices that will ultimately end this Najib led BN government. 

From prison Anwar Ibrahim is a more formidable opponent for Najib Razak than an Anwar Ibrahim in exile.

The physical presence of Anwar in the country will give courage and encouragement to many Malaysians to continue their fight for his release and for what Pakatan Rakyat that he leads have all been fighting for - justice for all and decency in a government without corruption,without arrogance and certainly a government for the people, by the people and of the people. 

In prison Anwar Ibrahim will still be defiant, still be a thorn in Najib's side and will still be  a tangible symbol of hope and defiance in a wasteland of corruption, arrogance and injustice that our nation has now become. 

Najib will not be able to ignore his presence. It is not a case of being out of sight and out of mind. As always Najib Razak has not been able to understand the ramification of what he does in his private and public life.

Najib has consistently lied and have been proven wrong in so many of his projections, predictions and in his actions that today Malaysians would have more faith in having monkeys guard their bananas than believe that Najib's has their interest at heart.

And so Anwar Ibrahim will take his chances that internment in Sungai Buloh will be only until the result of the next general election is announced. 

Anwar Ibrahim will take that chance that he, not Najib, will triumph before, during or after the next general election.

Yes it is not a level playing field and yes, in retrospect there really is nothing else that Anwar Ibrahim can do but stay and take what comes on his chin. ...but give Anwar Ibrahim credit where credit is due. 

Anwar Ibrahiim fights his own fights no matter what the odds against him.
Najib does not!

Anwar Ibrahiim faces his own demons head on and the consequences of his own folly and deeds without flinching or ducking for cover. 
Najib does not!

Anwar through his words and deeds have time and time again shown that he will not be intimidated, threatened or cowered by the bullying of a Barisan Nasional government that has shown by its words and deeds, to not be hesitant in bastardizing the legal process under its care to pursue a half bake investigation into what happened to the anus of this Saiful in its attempt to intimidate, threatened and cower Anwar Ibrahim into submission. 

An attempt that has only so far served to galvanize the Malaysian public to emphatize and sympathize with the situation that Anwar is now in.    
All this has served to out Najib for what he really is - a coward of the worst dimension. 

Anwar Ibrahim stayed because Najib is not a worthy opponent to run away from. 
No worse an insult could be perpetrated upon Najib by Anwar than this! 

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