Monday, 12 January 2015

cakap cakap...."teguran"

The following is fair comment on what I have been writing in this steadyaku47 blog over these last year or so....and what follows is my reasoning for doing so.

"as much as I can recall that you Pak HH, have been doing "Charlie Hebdo" on Anwar, Rafizi, Eminent 25, PKR, PAS, DAP, Pakatan Rakyat, etc, on all them champions of the "Lawan tetap lawan" until I don't know who you want (to be ) the right cheer leaders for the rakyat to rally on to fight a struggle for a government of good governance". F M Zam

Over time, there have been many a "teguran" made on what I write in my blog. 

Some made in the spirit of "fair comment" accepting the rationale that we are all entitled to our own opinions on matters that concerns us all - be it life or, more important, politics! 

There have been some aggrieved readers who consider me bereft of any good sense and judgement because not only have I been a turncoat to causes , issues and individuals that I have once pledged allegiance to but worse, I am guilty of writing for money and writing what I have to write to earn that money.  

My thoughts on these "teguran" can be summed up in one "teguran" made by a disgruntled reader over a comment I made about some politician - it was so long ago that I have forgotten who that politician was  - but the "teguran" stays in my head and plays itself over and over again every time another "teguran" comes my way. Impressed by the manner that the politician had answered his critics I call him a "biduan" (an artists..a wordsmith)....and for that I was accused of being "biadap" (ill mannered and ill breed) for calling that politician a "banduan" (a prisoner). Need I say more?   

My point is this. Do not attempt to second guess my motives for writing what I write. For most of the time I write "in the moment". There is no agenda, no political alliance, no financial  incentives involved, no religious, racial or personal agenda involved. 

Simply put, I write as I see it. 

Anwar Ibrahim is a friend and a classmate...and still is (I think!). Kit Siang....I have contributed many many article to his blog....and as for the others that I write about I can assure you that I am not that far removed from any of them if I care to expand on my right to "tegur" what they say, what they do and their deeds. 

And by the same token so can others write on what I write, what I do and my past deeds. 

In the universal scheme of things, what the individual does  - especially when that individual is steadyaku47 - really has no bearing on how the world turns. It is just me being me and "YES" I am thankful, grateful and welcome any "teguran" from any one out there for there is no greater "thrill" for any blogger than to know that someone out there reads what they write! Salam.


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