Monday, 12 January 2015

State of The Nation.

“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”― William ShakespeareJulius Caesar

How many times, I wonder,  have Najib "died" from the time he first entered politics in 1976 - the year his father died?

There have been many "deaths"during his tenure as Minister of Defense involving abuse of his position as Minister but these are par for the course for all BN ministers where corruption is an entitlement each of them insists as a perk of office to enrich themselves, their families, cronies and hangers on. 

For Najib let me list out a few...just a few of these abuses!

The massive overpayment for the procurement of 12 helicopters from Eurocopter for the sum of RM2.3 billion while Brazil paid only RM4.2 billion for 50 units of the same helicopter.

The massive commission of RM500 million paid for the purchase of two Scorpene Submarines and RM380 million for 18 Sukhol Fighters Jets.

RM4.26 billion paid to PSC when work done only amounted to RM2.87 billion. Serious financial management and technical incompetence does not even begin to describe PSC that has never built anything but trawlers and police boats before Najib awarded the contract to build the Naval Patrol Boat.

Two missing Jet Engine valued at RM$50 million did result in the dismissal of a brigadier-general and 40 armed forces personnel but hardly slowed Najib's propensity to shit where he eats.

The Perak crisis was Najib at his duplicitious best. Engeering the defection of PR's MP's and playing the then Sultan of Perak like a violin...and damm the constitution! Perak was BN's and that was all that matters.

All these issues "bisa di atur" because the BN government was corrupt to the core and financial improprities by any of their own are studiously ignored....not one eye open one eye closed...BOTH eyes were closed!   

But it was when Najib brain got stuck in his zippers that he started sweating bucket loads because that allowed Rosmah to grab Najib by the balls not for his sexual Sir ! Rosmah's interest was not what was attached to Najib's ball but in wearing the trousers in Seri Perdana and Putrajaya. Over time defecto control over many many things migrated from the PM to her.  

When the "Port Dickson incident" first became public knowledge Najib did wonder if his political life was about to be terminated - but Mahathir saw the usefulness of having Ministers whose balls was his to squeeze - for Mahathir knows that when he has Najib's balls in his grasps, Najib's heart and mind will follow his every command. Mahathir's rationale was not lost on Rosmah.

And Altantuya sealed Najib's fate in his matrimonial home! After Altantuya Najib's fate was sealed! Henceforth as the Malays like to say of poor Najib "pijak semut pon tak mati".....or as the educated ones would prefer to say...the bumbling fat idiot will be tip toeing around Rosmah and even egg shells in his path will not be broken.

It is one thing for those in UMNO to be led by corrupt and arrogant leaders for after all  they too aspire to be corrupt and arrogant but to be led by someone who lives in fear and dread of his wife gives even women liberation a bad name and makes Najib a joke amongst his peers and the rank and file within Umno. He is at best the son of one of UMNO's great, at worst a kerbau being led by his nose by the depised FLOM.

Najib can be led anywhere by Rosmah and now she is unwittingly leading him to his own slaughter!

The happenings of these last few weeks is telling! Once again Rosmah has use of the government jet while Najib comes back to Malaysia with his tail in between his legs. While he is unceremonously forced to be with his people in the flooded areas his wife is clebrating New Year and Chritmas with the rich and famous -at our expense!   

All that is left to be done is for Umno to mercifully deliver the coup de grace to Najib even as he wallows in self pity that he is in Kelantan while his wife is tripping the light fantastic elsewhere and of course that he is down with ecoli!

But can Umno do tthis? 


I wrote the above piece a few weeks ago. Events have overtaken the gist of what I wrote. Today I meant to delete this article from my blog record but somehow I had click the publish button and only realized that I had posted it after over 40 of you guys have read it......about half an hour after I mistakenly published I will let it ride and leave it as is. It is not as "complete" as I want it to be but it will do. ...who cares? I don't. 

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