Saturday 24 January 2015

cakap cakap Saturday morning. Life is good.

It has been an eventful week - "blogwise" for me! It has to be an eventful week for any blogger when traffic to your blog doubles and more. At what cost? Time, effort and less sleep! I tried to do what I have never done before -- a series of articles linked to one common tale - the common abuse by the rich and powerful of their responsibilities for deeds done in the past. It will probably take me another week or so before I am done with this particular Sultan but I am sure another tale will need to be told once I am finish with this one. 

However blogging has to be done in between watching Sharapova, Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Murray among many others,  play tennis in the Australian Open taking place about two kilometers away from where I live. Almost every match is relayed live through two dedicated channels and I am spoiled for choice - though of course Sharapova and Djokovic trumps every other player in getting my undivided attention when they are on court - at practice or match play.

The madness in KL continues. The flavor of the week seems to be Daim. This tale of an insanely rich and once (and still is?) powerful and now old man still promises to regale us with yet more tales of sex and more sex. Bring it on! At 67 that is about the only sex I still look forward to  - even if it just to read about....though I am told that the old man himself is still a rocking and a rolling! Good for you Daim. Go Daim go! Go with the flow.     

In all seriousness, the end days of the Rosmah and Najib decadent era seems to be not too far away. The signs are all there and none are more ominous than that of having Mahathir breathing  down Najib's neck even as he boards Perdana Satu once again for yet another OGS sojourn overseas, on yet another shopping trip at our expense...with the funeral of a King thrown in for good measure. Woi tepap - yes thats both of you - it's Hammertime! Time for the two of you to join MC Hammer -  in the past! Its over for MC and its over for the two of you! Bye bye! Close your eyes and picture Rosmah and Najib dancing away to MC Hammer - that should make your day!

It's almost 9 now and I am going to have fried rice with lean lamb strips marinated in spices for breakfast. The only proviso to me having that is that I have to cook it myself. No problems - the better to do it the way I like it - using better instead of olive oil and generous heaps of gourmet stock for flavor. 

Life is good.  

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